Could the Braves upgrade at first base?

The Braves Show's Bill Shanks wonders if the Braves might look to upgrade first base.

The Braves are obviously going to need another bat for the lineup. First baseman Casey Kotchman is a nice player, but he's just not good enough. So as we wonder what the Braves might do between now and the 31st of this month, we need to keep first base in mind as a position that could be upgraded.

If the Braves are satisfied with Garrett Anderson, and if they can't trade Jeff Francoeur, then they may need to look at another position to get another bat. And first base might be that position that would be easy to find someone to join the team.

As I write this, Adam Dunn just hit another home run. He's obviously a candidate to be moved this month.

What would the Nationals want? Jordan Schafer (who they reportedly asked about) and Jo Jo Reyes? Or would they take Kotchman and Reyes?

What other first basemen might be available?

1) Adam LaRoche - he would be a rental, but for the right price the Braves might be interested.

2) Prince Fielder - Brewers are going to want Javier Vazquez, so how big a trade might this be?

3) Adrian Gonzalez - Padres might finally want Yunel Escobar, but they would have no need for Vaz. It would have to be a big deal.

4) Aubrey Huff - we've wondered if Baltimore would want Escobar, so Huff might be part of a package. He would be a rental.

5) Paul Konerko - White Sox are on the fringe, but he always seems to be someone that could be had. But they wouldn't want Vaz and doubtful they'd want Escobar.

6) Mike Jacobs - I could see the Royals wanting Kotchman, and they probably do want Escobar, but Jacobs would have to be a part of the deal. Statheads wouldn't like him, but there's no doubt he's got power.

7) Jason Giambi - He'd be cheap, and he's still somewhat of a power threat. They may want Escobar, and it would have to be a big deal.

8) Russ Branyan - Mariners still hanging around, but if they don't, he could be available. Branyan is having a nice season.

Who would you want for first base? Talk about it on the premium message board.

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