Spruill ready for next level

Here's Zeke Spruill talking about his progress in 2009 and what's ahead for him in 2010.

Here is the text of the interview:

Bill Shanks: Zeke how's has it been going so far?

Zeke Spruill: Pretty good. Been fun. Practicing with the older squad.

Shanks: Lets look back on last year a little bit. What do you think about your performance that season?

Spruill: Could have been better. Could have stayed out of a little more trouble. As far as the first full season it was everything I expected it to be and a little more.

Shanks: You got off to such a fast start. Was it to fast to soon?

Spruill: I wouldn't say it was to fast to soon I just didn't really focus. Towards the middle of the season I kind of lost a lot of focus and just didn't make the pitching I needed to.

Shanks: Was that just immaturity or just part of the learning process?

Spruill: I just think it was part of the learning process.

Shanks: What about the development of your pitches. How did you feel like you got better last year.

Spruill: I felt like I was able to command my fastball more. I didn't used to throw 4-seam and I started working that in more. So now I have 2 fastballs I can throw. I was able to work on my changeup a lot during the season and now I am able to throw it for the most part when I want to.

Shanks: When your learning more about the difference in the fastballs is that difficult the learn when to throw what?

Spruill: I try to keep in simple. Throw one to one side of the plate and the other to the other side of the plate. And depending on the count.

Shanks: Does that kind of help the other pitches you have to be able to throw the fastball at different times?

Spruill: Yeah it will defiantly help to be able to throw 2 different fastballs in any count.

Shanks: I think you mentioned changeup. Is that something you want to continue to work on?

Spruill: Yeah. In my opinion if I want to continue to be a starter I need to have a solid 3rd pitch and that would be a changeup for me. If I want to continue to have success I am going to need it.

Shanks: Is their anything tough about that? When your trying to learn to perfect that? Or is it that just a feel pitch. That the more you throw it the better its going be?

Spruill: I think its just a feel pitch. I've never thrown one before so just getting used to it and getting us to the grip. Having to throw it more often, throwing it in counts I would normally throw a fastball. Here in spring training I am trying to throw a lot more changeups then I would sliders, working it in where I would throw fastballs.

Shanks: Myrtle Beach. What's the thought of it going there? If that's where you go.

Spruill: If that's where they send me I am really looking forward to it.

Shanks: That's known as a pitchers league isn't it, so a maybe an opportunity to put good numbers up

Spruill: I hope so.

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