The Whistling Shortstop

Yunel Escobar had a good game on Wednesday night. Is this a good sign?

Did you hear a lot of whistling going on in Wednesday night's game in Florida? It wasn't Roger Whittaker, the world famous whistler. It was Atlanta shortstop Yunel Escobar. If this baseball thing doesn't work out for Escobar, he might have a new career as a professional whistler sometime down the road. He is loud, and of course, with the number of people at Sun Life Stadium at a minimum, he was even louder. That's how they play the game in Cuba and in Central America. They are loud. They whistle. And they have fun. It occasionally gets on Escobar's teammates' nerves, but they know that's just him. That's what Escobar does, and they're used to it after three years.

But it is funny. You're watching the game and all of a sudden you hear someone whistling the soundtrack to South Pacific.

As long as Escobar keeps having games like he had Wednesday, you're not going to hear anyone complain about his loud noises. Escobar was 2-3 with a RBI. It was his first multi-hit game since April 29, and it was his first game with a run drive in since April 16.

Escobar's season batting average is now up to .188, and the tone of his whistling continues to be good enough for a new record deal.

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