Brewers Set to Sign July 2 Prize

Gilbert Lara has long been rumored to the Brewers and the deal is set to be finalized on July 2.

The Brewers are not expected to be especially active with the July 2 International Signing period, but as our very own Kiley McDaniel has been reporting since February, the Brewers will land Dominican slugger Gilbert Lara.

Lara is expected to sign on with the Brewers for a bonus of $3.2 million dollars which most anticipate as the highest amount any July 2 prospect will receive in 2014. McDaniel has Lara ranked as the top prospect available. The only thing the Brewers need to worry about with the signing is that their bonus pool for the international period is only $2.611 million. The team will need to make a trade for more international money or face some of the penalties for going over their total.

The scouting report from Lara is very promising. "Gilbert Lara has the loose, handsy, fluid swing that scouts are looking for with the plus bat speed and raw power to project as a future All-Star. He hit a number of balls out to left field at the heavily scouted MLB showcase and hit a triple and homerun in the game portion of the event."

Lara fits the the high risk, high reward profile that the Brewers have been targeting in the last few years. For years the Brewers farm has been able to fill their major league roster with role players and types that keep things in motion. However, the star power and impact talent has been missing. With signings like Lara's, the Brewers are swinging for the fences in an attempt to find those types of player. The $3.2 million is a steep price to pay, but it is the going rate for this kind of talent.

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