Braun Ties for 3rd in Derby

Minnesota's Justin Morneau wins trophy, but it was Josh Hamilton of Texas who put on a dynamic display with 28 long balls in the first round.

The No. 7 helped Milwaukee left fielder Ryan Braun in the first round, but that luck ran out when he duplicated the feat in the second round of Monday night's Home Run Derby.

That's because Josh Hamilton of Texas unleashed an incredible display, hitting rocket after rocket into the seats for a record 28 homers in the opening round. Minnesota's Justin Morneau hit eight and then nine for 17, meaning Braun needed 11 to advance to the finals.

Instead, Braun finished with seven more to tie Houston's Lance Berkman for third after the Astros star hit eight and then six.

Braun clubbed three homers with one out but then registered five consecutive outs. He recovered for four straight long balls before running out of gas with four more outs in his first trip to Yankee Stadium.

Braun, who'll bat seventh in the order to start Tuesday night's All-Star game, started slowly in the opening round, clanking six outs before hitting his first bomb in the House That Ruth Built.

After that he found his long-ball stroke, knocking two out to right-center and five blasts to left, to advance.

In the finals—the slate of Hamilton's 32 and Morneau's 17 was wiped out—saw Morneau manage five, setting the stage for Hamilton. The latter and his 71-year-old pitcher mustered only three in an energy-sapping experience to hand the Twins' star the title.

Florida's Dan Uggla and Cleveland's Brady Sizemore hit six, Philly's Chase Utley had five and Tampa Bay's Evan Longoria popped only three in the first round.

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