2010 Venezuelan Summer League Cardinals Recap

Cardinals Director of International Operations Moises Rodriguez discusses top players from the 2010 Venezuelan Summer League season

In this second installment of a three-part report, the Cardinals Director of International Operations Moises Rodriguez recaps the season put together in the Venezuelan Summer League.

The executive responsible for the organization's non-US efforts discussed in detail a number of the top prospects on a club that fell short of expectations in terms of wins and losses at 22-45 but still had a number of standouts.

Among the offensive leaders are .300-hitting infielders Brevic Valera and Limbert Rivas, catcher Gerwuins Velasco and outfielders Jem Argenal and Jhohan Acevedo.

Top pitchers detailed are the big three of Ramon Ulacio, Deimer Bier and Fermin Montanez.


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