Cardinals Announce Value-Based Ticket Pricing

The St. Louis Cardinals will adopt a fluid single-game ticket pricing model in 2011, following the San Francisco Giants' approach.

On Thursday, the St. Louis Cardinals announced that the team will debut a new dynamic ticket pricing structure for seats sold on an individual game basis for the 2011 season.

Dynamic pricing will help the Cardinals more accurately price tickets for individual games and provide fans with more price options. Utilizing advanced computer programming linked to its new ticketing system, the Cardinals will have the ability to adjust ticket prices upward or downward on a daily basis based on changing factors such as team performance, pitching matchups, and the weather.

"We want to provide our fans with the best values possible and bring more fans out to Busch Stadium," said Bill DeWitt III, President of the Cardinals. "This new structure gives us greater day-to-day ticket pricing flexibility that reflects real-time market conditions."

Among the goals of value-based ticket pricing is broadening the ticket-buying fan base, rewarding fans for buying earlier in the season and protecting Season Ticket Holder value. The new structure only affects the sale of tickets to individual games and does not affect the sale of season tickets. The Cardinals have reassured full Season Ticket Holders, who began to receive renewal notices this week, that single-game ticket prices will never be lower than what a full Season Ticket Holder has paid. Season Ticket Holders will continue to pay a set price for their tickets, and will receive substantial savings over individual game ticket prices, and have the right to purchase post-season tickets.

"Our primary goal with implementing this new approach to ticketing is to get more fans to more of our games," said Joe Strohm, Vice President of Ticket Sales. "We believe this structure will help us reach more fans with attractive pricing options for seats that currently go unsold. It is a win-win for fans and the team."

Strohm said the Cardinals were persuaded to invest in a new, state-of-the-art ticketing system after learning about the experience the San Francisco Giants had this season with dynamic pricing. The Giants reported that their 2010 dynamic pricing structure enabled the organization to lower ticket prices for up to 75 percent of their games as compared to 2009 numbers. The Cardinals' new system will allow seats in sections that do not include Season Ticket Holders to go as low as $5 for games which have excess inventory for sale.

As in recent seasons, the pricing strategy for 2011 will continue to be value-driven throughout the ballpark, with nearly a quarter of Cardinals season tickets priced at less than $20 and nearly half of the existing Season Ticket Holder base receiving no price increase. Some Season Ticket Holder seating locations will actually receive a decrease in their season ticket prices. The majority of the Season Ticket holders experiencing a price increase in 2011 are Ballpark Founders who, by contract with the Club, have not received a price increase since moving into the new Busch Stadium five years ago.

The Cardinals drew 3,301,218 to Busch Stadium (fourth in Major League Baseball) during the 2010 season- the 14th time in franchise history and seventh straight season the team topped the three million mark.

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