Cardinals Rule 5 Draft History: 2002-2009

The St. Louis Cardinals have been active in recent Rule 5 Drafts both acquiring or losing players. What might happen during Thursday's draft?

With Thursday's Rule 5 Draft almost upon us, it is a good time to look back at St. Louis Cardinals activity in the annual early-December event in recent years.

In preparation for the draft, the club always makes additions to its 40-man roster to protect players from being eligible for selection by another organization. The following table indicates that activity over the last eight years. Of course, these don't include every player added over the course of the year. These are the ones named to the 40-man from the conclusion of the season up until the date when protected lists were due.

40 man adds
2010 2009 2008 2007
Tony Cruz Tyler Norrick Matt Scherer Kyle McClellan
Blake King Adam Ottavino Tyler Greene Jason Motte
David Kopp Francisco Samuel Joe Mather
Adron Chambers Bryan Anderson Mike Parisi
Pete Kozma Allen Craig Jarrett Hoffpauir
Eduardo Sanchez Mark Hamilton Mark Worrell
Adam Reifer Jon Jay
Daryl Jones
2006 2005 2004 2003
Troy Cate Travis Hanson Scott Seabol Jason Ryan
Dennis Dove Brendan Ryan Reid Gorecki Rhett Parrott
Blake Hawksworth Rick Ankiel John Gall
Cody Haerther Chris Narveson
Andy Cavazos

Heading into the Rule 5 Draft, the Cardinals added just one fewer player to the 40-man this year, seven, than in the previous year. However, it is also worth recalling that three of the players added one year ago have since been removed, Tyler Norrick, Daryl Jones and Adam Ottavino. The uptick in protected players the past two years may be in part an indication of more productive drafts.

At least since 2002, the Cardinals have been active in the Rule 5 Draft each year. Though they do not always select players, they then seem to lose them. If they are not involved in the Major League phase, then they have plus or minus activity in the Minor League phases.

The table below shows the players the Cardinals selected and lost in the Major League phase. Also designated is whether the player was not kept – usually returned to his original organization. That did not happen the last two years, however.

One year ago, after pitching decently in the Arizona Fall League coming off Tommy John surgery, Mike Parisi was taken by the Cubs. After he did not make their roster in the spring, Parisi cleared waivers. The Cardinals would have taken him back, however because he had been outrighted previously, he had the right to declare free agency instead. Parisi did that, only to sign a minor league deal to remain with the Cubs.

Two winters ago, reliever Luis Perdomo was drafted by the Giants off the Memphis roster. The Cardinals had acquired him a few months prior from Cleveland in return for Anthony Reyes. The Giants placed him on waivers, where he was selected by San Diego – a required step prior to return. After a one-year gap, Perdomo is among the Rule 5 eligibles this year.

2009 was unique in that the Cardinals both selected a player in the major league phase, pitcher Ben Jukich from Cincinnati, was well as lost one, Parisi. Jukich did not make the Cardinals out of spring training and was returned to the Reds, where he pitched in Triple-A in 2010.

Majors selected Return Majors lost Return
2009 Ben Jukich (Cin) yes Mike Parisi (ChC) no
2008 none Luis Perdomo (SF) no
2007 Brian Barton (Cle) no none
2006 none none
2005 Juan Mateo (ChC) yes none
2004 none Tyler Johnson (Oak) yes
2003 Hector Luna (Cle) no none
2002 none Blake Williams (Cin) yes

The next table indicates the Cardinals activity in the Minor League phases of the recent Rule 5 Drafts. None of the 11 minor leaguers taken by the organization since 2002 are still with the Cardinals, including last year's selection, left-handed pitcher Matt Meyer. Meyer lasted until mid-June, when he was released from Double-A Springfield. He subsequently pitched in independent ball.

Minors selected Minors lost
2009 Matt Meyer (Cle) none
2008 Russ Haltiwanger (KC) Cody Haerther (Tor)
2007 none none
2006 Omar Falcon (Pit) none
Jose Contreras (Was)
2005 Iker Franco (Atl) Tim Hummel (CWS)
Vince Harrison (Bos)
2004 Matt Demarco (Fla) Tony Granadillo (Bos)
Jose Garcia (Tex) Josh Teekel (Fla)
Justin Knoff (Cin)
2003 Rayner Laya (Mon) Jesse Roman (SD)
Jackson Paz (Min)
2002 none none

If you are interested in a review of the Cardinals players eligible for selection in the draft, refer to this article: "Available Cardinals Rule 5 Players by Level".

My prediction is that the Cardinals will lose Adam Ottavino in the major league phase and Antonio DeJesus in the minor league phase. I also would not be surprised in the least if they select an anonymous left-handed pitcher in the minor league phase as they have in each of the last two drafts.

We will be back with information on whatever activity may involve the Cardinals in Thursday's Rule 5 Draft, so check back then!

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