Cardinals Almost Final Minor League Rosters

The St. Louis Cardinals have whittled down minor leaguers to open on one of four full-season rosters.

With Sunday's final day of official minor league games on the back fields of Jupiter, Florida's Roger Dean Stadium, the St. Louis Cardinals player development staff is just about through making their Opening Day roster decisions.

From the group of 117 players listed below, 98 players will be active for Thursday's openers for Memphis and Springfield (24 players each) as well as Palm Beach and Quad Cities (25 each).

Players have been informed they are on the list likely to travel to these destinations when camp breaks on Monday, but changes could still occur, especially based on any needs in St. Louis. Specifically, the Cardinals will not be making a decision on whether or not to disable Matt Holliday until Monday or Tuesday.

With the 15 spring releases now done, the remainder of the "extra" names listed, 19, will likely be inactive, placed on the disabled list. This may include 13 players previously separated out on the rehab list, denoted below with an (I) after their names. At this time, that is a non-official designation.

Before Opening Day, the players to open the season on the disabled list will be named. Some may travel with their teams while many others will stay in Jupiter to continue their rehab work, joining their clubs when ready later on.

The 43 Extended Spring Training camp players, those also designated to remain behind in Florida, are also called out. They were previously listed as being on the "Quad Cities #2" roster. (42 additional players will join them in EST, which begins on April 6.)

For details on the previous rehabbers, refer to "Cardinals Minor League Medical Report – 3/16". In addition to that list, Springfield starter Scott McGregor has also been slowed in recent days.

MEM (29) SPR (30) PB (30) QC (28) EST (43)
P Dickson Additon* Cleto Blair Bibona* (I)
Lynn Blazek Fornataro Ferrara* Copeland*
Ottavino Gorgen (I) Gast* Rosenthal Daugherty*
Valdes* Hooker Kelly Russell Estalis
Walters Kopp (I) Miller, S Siegrist* Jenkins
McGregor (I) Smith, J Swagerty Hernandez*
Schneider Johnson, C
Thomas Martinez, C
Buursma Castillo Bradford (I) Butler Benes
Fick Delgado Calhoun* Corrigan Bittle
King Freeman* Greenwood* Corpas Cardenas* (I)
Norrick*  Frevert Nieto DeJesus, A Edwards*
Parise (I) Kulik* Pichardo (I) Moss Kiekhefer*
Reifer Mulligan Rada Whiting Lucas (I)
Rundles* Rschnbrgr Reid Wright* Lyons*
Salas Zawacki Rondon Martinez, R
Samuel (I) Simpson Matos
Sanchez, E Terry Mijares* (I)
Montanez (I)
Nadeau* (I)
C Anderson Cutler DeLaCruz, L Castillo, J Klein
Cruz, T Derba Perez, A Espinoza Moscatel
Stavinoha Hill, S Tartamella Stanley Teran
1B Hamilton Adams Cerreto Sanchez Medina
IF Bynum Curtis Ahmady Castillo, Y Bergman
Carpenter, M Garcia, J Bolivar Elkins DeLaCruz, R
Kozma Jackson Cox Garcia, G Gil
Solano Vasquez, N Mateo Rodriguez, J Obregon
Vazquez, R Ramirez, R Rodriguez, S Ruiz
Stidham (I)
OF Brown Castellanos Bogany Conley Biserta
Chambers Henley Ingram Longmire Edmondson
Jones Luna Lara Parejo Hill, V
Rapoport Pham Rodriguez, R Swinson Melker
Robinson Swauger Rosario Tavares O'Neill
Williams (I)

* left-handed pitcher
(I) previously listed among rehabbers

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