A Guide to Cardinals Extended Spring Training

St. Louis Cardinals minor league manager Mike Shildt explains what Extended Spring Training is all about.

One of the areas about which I receive the most questions this time of year is extended spring training. Many knowledgeable baseball fans aren't familiar what happens there – on and especially off the field.

There are a variety of aspects to a typical day from a baseball perspective, from instruction to workouts to live practice in game. In addition, many of the young men are becoming acclimated to the expectations placed upon them as a new or relatively new professional athlete.

There is an additional hurdle, formidable for many of the overseas players. Specifically, how to deal with the inherent cultural, dietetic and language differences between the United States and their homeland, whether the Dominican Republic, Venezuela or wherever it may be.

To help readers better understand what occurs in camp, one week ago, I asked Mike Shildt to go into detail. Mike is the manager of the Johnson City Cardinals in summer, but in the spring, he runs regular spring training and helps coordinate extended spring training as well.

Questions answered include:
Who is there and why?
What do the players do while there and on what schedule?
How long are they there?
What is done for the Latin first-time arrivals?
What happens to the players afterward?
How does the transition between EST and short-season play work?


Shildt (far left) briefs his "Red" squad on the field promptly at 8:30 A.M.

Gulf Coast League Cardinals manager and "White" team head Steve Turco leading a "yellow pad" review.

The fields' name says it all.

View from the tower at the center of the quad during batting practice. Field coordinator Mark DeJohn is on the right.

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