Quad Cities River Bandits Notebook: Week 6

The River Bandits had a good 5-1 week to pull over .500. Pitcher Trevor Rosenthal is interviewed.

This week we started to see the team that we've hoped to see. With the River Bandits' first series sweep and their first back-to-back series wins, the team floated slightly above .500 for the first time this year. There were several more roster moves; Juan Castillo was promoted to Palm Beach and Roberto Espinoza went to Memphis, Virgil Hill rejoined the team after a few weeks back in EST and Robert Stock made it off the disabled list and returned to Davenport. Kleininger Teran is in town but is still on the DL. We said a sad farewell to Frederick Parejo as he was given his unconditional release.

For the first time in 26 years of going to baseball games in our stadium here and 45 years as a fan, I got hit by a ball this week. I don't recommend it for anyone. The bruise is lifting but it has been every color of the spectrum this week and it's pretty painful. I'm just thankful that it wasn't any worse than it was.

May 10: Quad Cities 8, Clinton (Mariners) 7

Seth Blair (1-3) made his best start of the season so far. He allowed only three hits and one run in five innings. He did walk five batters, but on this night, the umpire couldn't decide where the strike zone should be, so it was impossible to put the ball in the zone. Oscar Taveras went 3-for-3 before he was removed from the game with another strain to his hamstring. After the game he said he was okay but he was placed back onto the disabled list. Cody Stanley gets "star of the night" honors for his 4-for-5 performance. Jonathan Rodriguez continues to show good power with a long bomb over the center field wall.

May 11: QC 7, Clinton 6

Playing against the basement-dwelling Lumber Kings, the Bandits should have looked better in these games, but a win is a win so they willl take what they can. As Blair looked good on Tuesday, Anthony Ferrara slipped for the first time this year. He gave up three runs (two earned) and four walks in just four innings before he was removed from the game. Justin Wright got the win for the evening with three innings of relief even though he also had a shaky outing. Keith Butler scored the save as he closed the last 1.1 innings. The brothers from different mothers took the offensive lead as Jonathan and Starlin Rodriguez each collected two hits.

May 12: QC 4, Clinton 1

Kevin Siegrist (5-1) continued his winning ways with a seven-inning trip to the mound. He allowed only three hits, and no runs, striking out five. Angel DeJesus and Boone Whiting each added an inning of good work. Starlin Rodriguez and Michael Swinson were the hitters of the evening; Swinson had two doubles. Cody Stanley held on to a .301 average as the only active team member above .300.

May 13: Rained out in Beloit

May 14 Game One: QC 4 at Beloit 6

Carlos Martinez (0-1) did not look good in this early game. He gave up six earned runs on five hits and walked three in 2.2 innings for his first loss in full-season ball. Ryan Copeland redeemed himself somewhat after his first appearance by allowing only one walk and no hits through the final 3.1 innings. The bats just didn't respond in this first game of the day.

Game 2: QC 6 at Beloit 2

Zack Russell earned his first win with five solid innings in this seven-inning game. He allowed two earned runs on six hits but he also punched five out on Ks. Angel DeJesus continued to improve his personal stats by keeping the Snappers off the scoreboard for his two innings. Jon Rodriguez and Packy Elkins each had two hits while Chris Edmondson got three RBI on his one hit.

May 15: QC 5 at Beloit 4

In the final game of this series, Seth Blair struggled again. I'm going to try to talk to him this week to see what he's doing to get out of this funk. Justin Wright got the win with 2.2 innings of no hits, one walk and four Ks. Cody Stanley keeps dancing around .300 at the plate with two hits.

May 16: the Midwest League took a day off.


Before the recent trip to Beloit, I was able to talk with Trevor Rosenthal about his experiences here this summer. His unidentified ailment had not become apparent at the time of the interview. Trevor, if you're reading this, I repeat my apology for misidentifying you before we talked and thank you for being so gracious as I pulled my foot out of my mouth!

Trevor, thanks for talking to me tonight. What is your hometown?

Lee's Summit, Missouri, near Kansas City.

Where did you go to school?

I went to Lee's Summit North High School and graduated from West High.

When were you drafted and what did you do on draft day?

I was drafted in 2009 in the 21st round. It was just a typical day; I had a feeling that I was going to get drafted and I was just waiting around to hear which team and what the offer was going to be. I was just waiting to get it all finalized.

Who was there with you?

Um, I was actually working at the time so I was with some co-workers!

How did you get into baseball?

I've been playing my whole life. I grew up around a lot of baseball guys. I played for a baseball academy where my coach was a catcher with the Texas Rangers and he had a great passion for baseball and I just kind of fed off of that and ended up really loving the game. I've loved it ever since.

Outside of baseball who is your hero?

Well, my dad and my mom. They are really good role models and I just try to keep their standards.

Favorite team as a kid?

Growing up I watched all of the Royals games; I was a fan of the Cardinals, too.

In baseball, who was your idol?

I liked Roger Clemens.

If you were not able to earn your living in baseball, what would you do instead?

I don't know - I just hope this works out!

Playing at Busch in May - how is that?

It's really exciting. I wish I was going to be pitching but the rotation doesn't have me there now.

Favorite movie?

Probably Field of Dreams right now. I just watched that.

Do you have any hidden talents outside of baseball?

Well, I'm a pretty good golfer.

What are you doing to make yourself more valuable to the Cards this year?

Just trying to work on the basics, improving my off-speed and my breaking ball. I'm trying to throw for strikes more and I'm working on my change up as well.

Best thing about playing in Davenport?

Probably the fans. And the bridge - I mean the atmosphere is really good here.

What is your wildest fan story so far since you've been in the game a couple of years?

Well, you know, just some persistent people with some autographs, but nothing too crazy so far.

If you were a car, what kind would you be?

I'd be a Lamborghini.

And what advice would you give a 12 year old who wants to get into baseball?

Work hard. Control what you can control. Just really watch the game and pick up what you can from anyone you can.

Where is someplace you've never been but want to visit?

Probably somewhere over in Europe. I'd love to visit there.

Thank you, Trevor!


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