Quad Cities River Bandits Notebook: Week 9

The Cardinals Midwest League club went 4-2 on the week. Pitcher Seth Blair is interviewed.

For the first time all season, the Quad Cities River Bandits played all of this week's games on the road. It seems like it has been a long time since they were here! I know that they would agree - they prefer home games. The Bandits are currently in second place in the Western Division, one game ahead of Peoria. In the Midwest League, that means if they hold this position for two more weeks, until the All-Star break, they will secure a place in the post-season playoffs.

The team has the best record of any in the Cardinals farm system right now at 31-26. The talent on this club is amazing. It's hard to figure out why they haven't won a lot more games.

Congratulations this week to Anthony Ferrara, Trevor Rosenthal, Justin Wright, Cody Stanley, and Greg Garcia on being named to the All-Star team - voted by managers in the league. An extra kudo to Garcia who will miss the All-Star Game as he earned a promotion to Palm Beach.

This week started in West Michigan and ended with a day off. They stopped in South Bend in the meantime.

Tuesday, May 31: Quad Cities 5 at West Michigan (Tigers) 4

Angel DeJesus got the win following Carlos Martinez and Dean Kiekhefer even though he gave up two earned runs on two hits in his two innings. Ronny Gil is adding excitement to the game—he got two hits in this game, as did Victor Sanchez.Virgil Hill continues to hide his talent at the plate but he got a double tonight.

Wednesday, June 1: QC 3 at West Michigan 2

Seth Blair went 5.2 scoreless innings for his third win of the year. He got 3 K's and allowed 4 walks and 4 hits. Boone Whiting, Hector Corpas, and Aidan Lucas each added an innning. Corpas continues to struggle on the mound. His ERA is still above 8. Again, Ronny Gil and Victor Sanchez were the players of the game at the plate with three hits each, followed by Starlin Rodriguez with two—both were doubles.

Thursday, June 2: QC 5 at West Michigan 3

Trevor Rossenthal completed the sweep with six solid innings. He gave up all three runs, all earned, but kept the team moving in the right direction for the win. Cale Johnson and Justin Wright each struck out two in the inning they pitched. Chris Edmondson stood in the spotlight in this game with three hits, Greg Garcia got two. All nine hits were singles for the Bandits.

Friday, June 3: QC 0 at South Bend (Diamondbacks) 4

Zack Russell took this loss on the chin as the Bandits were only able to get two hits. He gave up six hits but only two runs. David Holmberg from the SilverHawks pitched a complete game. With only two hits, there were no offensive highlights.

Saturday, June 4: QC 5 at South Bend 3

Boone Whiting joined the starting rotation with five solid innings. The converted starter/closer/starter gave up one run on five hits but struck out eight. Cale Johnson and Aidan Lucas each had good outings as well. Starlin Rodriguez led the offense with three hits, one homer. Cody Stanley, Colin Walsh, and Ronny Gil each contributed two more hits.

Sunday, June 5: QC 1 at South Bend 9

In this Sunday matinee, the Silver Hawks exploded. Anthony Ferrara took the loss giving up five runs on seven hits. In one third of an inning Angel DeJesus allowed four earned runs on four hits and 2 walks. It's games like this that make fans shake their heads and wonder where all the talent has gone.

Monday, June 6: Off day.

This week's player interview is with 2010 first round pick, Seth Blair.

Seth, thanks for taking time to talk to me today. What is your hometown?

Rock Falls, IL

Where did you go to school?

Arizona State

You were drafted last summer, first round, right?

Yes, I was.

Tell me about draft day...

It was an exciting day, kind of the unexpected... I was just really excited for a chance to play pro ball!

Who were you with on draft day?

My parents, my girlfriend, my brother, and a couple of friends.

How did you get into baseball?

I really don't know... probably my dad... He used to play softball. I travelled around with them and just started playing then—since I was about two years old.

Outside of baseball, who is your hero?

Both of my parents.

Who was your favorite team as a kid?

The White Sox

If you had said the Cubs, I was going to end this interview! Who was your baseball idol when you! were growing up?

Frank Thomas

If you couldn't earn your living in baseball, what would you do instead?

I'd be a Business Entrepreneur.

You guys played at Busch Stadium a couple of weeks ago—how exciting was that?

It was awesome! That's all I can say about it.

What's your favorite movie?

Probably The Hangover.

Do you have any hidden talents outside of baseball?


What are you doing this year to increase your value to the Cardinals?

I'm just sticking with it every day. Just being myself.

What do you think is your best pitch?

My slider.

What's the best thing about playing in Davenport?

Being close to home, of course!

If you were a car, what kind would you be?

I'd be a Ferrari.

What advice would you give a 12 year old who wants to get into baseball?

Work hard and follow your dreams.

What is someplace you've never been but want to visit?


What do you want fans to know about you as a person?

Family comes first with me and I take my job very seriously.

Thank you very much, Seth!

It's just two weeks until the All-Star Game at Modern Woodmen Park. If you're within driving distance, it will be worth the trip. The Home Run Derby will be on Monday, June 20, followed by a pub crawl in downtown Davenport. The Game itself will be on Tuesday, June 21.


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