Quad Cities River Bandits Notebook: Week 10

The St. Louis Cardinals Midwest League club had their second straight 4-2 week. Catcher Robert Stock is interviewed.

It was a good week for the River Bandits as they went 4-2 on the week. They had a season high in a game for both hits and runs. Robert Stock earned his promotion to Palm Beach this week, too - congratulations to him! Oscar Taveras has been activated from the disabled list after a month in rehab in Florida.

We're now just a week from the Midwest League All-Star Game. It promises to be a good time. After the Sunday afternoon fire at Modern Woodmen Park, we hope that there's no excitement like that for the showcase game. The fire was very minor - it started in the home clubhouse in the laundry room - but it did require the evacuation of the stadium and a fifty minute delay to the Sunday afternoon game. I guess this is another first in pre-game entertainment for the Bandits!

Tuesday, June 7: Quad Cities 5, Lansing 3

Carlos Martinez showed his best again. He allowed only four hits, no runs and struck out seven in five innings in Davenport. The Bandits only got five hits but they made them count for five runs. I noticed this week that Cody Stanley seems to hit better when he's playing catcher than he does when he is DH. I'll ask him about that the next chance I get.

Wednesday, June 8: Quad Cities 4, Lansing 3

Dean Kiekhefer got the win in relief as the Bandits guaranteed themselves the series win. Seth Blair gave up three earned runs on three hits and three walks (two HBP) while striking out four. For the second night in a row, the Bandits were only able to muster five hits but again, they got the needed run.

Thursday, June 9: Quad Cities 0, Lansing 2

Trevor Rosenthal had an unusual night as he gave up hits and runs but the team didn't support him with their bats. With only three hits on the night the Bandits couldn't get anyone across home plate. Hector Corpas and Angel DeJesus had very good nights, but it was too little too late for the Bandits.

Friday, June 10: Quad Cities 20, Great Lakes 2

It was an amazing evening! Zack Russell gave up only two hits and one unearned run while getting seven K's in his six innings of work. Ryan Copeland made his return from the DL to finish the game and allowed one more run. The BIG story for Friday night was at the plate, though. Every starter got at least one hit as the team combined for twenty! Cody Stanley went 4-for-5 and Ronnie Gil was 4-for-7. Joey Bergmen, Nick Longmire, Michael Swinson, Jonathan Rodriguez, and Starlin Rodriguez each added two. Colin Walsh and Virgil Hill got a hit apiece. When it was all over and the dust settled, Quad Cities had scored eleven runs in the bottom of the fifth inning. What a night!

Saturday, June 11: Quad Cities 3, Great Lakes 5

Nobody expected a repeat of Friday's game, but we also didn't expect to see a loss to the team that had been so soundly defeated the night before. Boone Whiting had a good showing with five innings and seven strike outs. Justin Wright took the hard-luck loss for the night. Again, the bats fell asleep and got only three hits.

Sunday, June 12: Quad Cities 4, Great Lakes 1

After the fire alarm delayed the game Sunday, Anthony Ferrara warmed up again and gave five good innings - one run, three hits and three K's. Oscar Taveras made his return quietly with a 1-for-4 afternoon. Joey Bergman and Jonathan Rodriguez each had two hits. As mentioned earlier, Robert Stock was promoted this weekend. I was lucky to get to interview him the night before he was moved up. Here is what we talked about:

I'm here with Robert Stock, catcher in the Cardinals' system. Robert, what is your hometown?

I'm from Los Angeles.

Where did you go to school?

The University of Southern California.

You were drafted two years ago?

Yes, out of the '09 class in the second round.

Tell me about draft day...

Draft day was really fun, particularly because it turned out well for me! I got together with my family and some friends. It was actually the first year that MLB televised it so we watched the whole thing and when I got picked by the Cardinals, I was more than happy!

How did you get into baseball?

When I was five I wanted to play T-ball so I told my parents. They said I couldn't play T-ball but I could play coach pitch.

Growing up who inspired you outside of baseball?

Outside of baseball my hero would be... an actor... maybe... Christian Bale.

Who was your favorite team as a kid?

Well, it started off the Mariners because we lived in Seattle but then it was the Angels.

Who was your baseball idol?

It was Barry Bonds. (I gave him a dirty look and he continued...) hey, Christian Bale and Barry Bonds, I like them for their talent in their professions, not their antics away from work!

If you weren't able to earn your living in baseball, what would you do?

I think I would try to be a lawyer.

A couple of weeks ago you played at Busch Stadium - how was that?

It was the greatest experience in minor league baseball that I've had so far. You know, we got there and we were treated like Major Leaguers, too. It wasn't like we were intruding in their space. We were treated like, "this is what you get if you work hard."

What's your favorite movie?


Do you have any hidden talents outside of baseball?

I could read ALL day and not get bored.

What are you doing to make yourself more valuable to the Cardinals this summer?

Working on hitting!

What is the best thing about playing in Davenport?

The best thing here is the coaches. Like I said I'm working on hitting so day in and day out to work with Joe Kruzel is really great.

If you were a car, what kind would you be?

I'd be a BMW 6 Series.

What advice would you give a 12 year old in baseball?

When you're throwing, try to throw it really far. When you're hitting, try to hit it really hard! Don't let yourself be over coached when you're young.

You've had some struggles this year - how are you overcoming them?

Well, positively. I think that in this most recent stretch of mine I was not hitting the ball as well as I could and when I did hit it I was getting unlucky. You know, when it rains it pours. But I'm hoping that those things can even out and work for the better.

Thanks, Robert!


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