Cardinals Winter Warm-Up Audio: Monday, 1/16

Press interviews from the St. Louis Cardinals Winter Warm-Up on Monday, January 16.

As the final day of the 2012 St. Louis Cardinals Winter Warm-Up at the Hyatt Regency at the Arch unfolds, on Monday, January 16, following are selected media interviews conducted.

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Allen Craig
The outfielder explained he has a full range of motion in his surgically-repaired knee but has not started running yet. Craig is scheduled to have it examined in St. Louis now before heading to Florida for a couple of weeks of rehab. He says there is a "good chance to be ready opening day."


Kyle McClellan
The reliever admitted he asked Tony La Russa for a couple of days off in Houston late last season. McClellan says he doesn't know what will happen in the future, but hopes to stay with St. Louis. He had no update on his arbitration-contract situation.


Mike Matheny
The manager is a breath of fresh air, open about learning from others. Matheny discusses lineup possibilities, with Carlos Beltran being the biggest variable and much more.


Kyle Lohse
Overcoming adversity was the pitcher's opening, as he was "proud of what I was able to do last year" after "two years of injuries that were not under my control." Lohse said that Mo called him about trade rumors, saying he had to listen to what others had to say. "It would take a lot to me away from a World Series team," Lohse reminded us. (He has no-trade protection.)


David Freese
The crush continued as six television cameras and the biggest group of media of the weekend crowded around the post-season hero. His most telling comment about the rush of fame was perhaps his move in "getting the right people around you to help keep you stay you." Freese has been playing squash and thinks he will be able to play without restriction in 2012. He says he has been a good friend of Matheny for two years.


Carlos Beltran
The new Cardinals outfielder seemed at ease with the press. He said he thinks he will play in right, but will move to center if asked. He sees right field as easier to play. Regarding the lineup, he would bat second or anywhere the manager wants, but said he wants to be in position to drive in runs. Beltran announced he would wear number 3, based on what fans told him on Twitter and what his family wants.


Skip Schumaker
Asked about his role being a "super utility player," he replied, "That is what you said." He was reminded that Mo had used that label. Skip noted that "whoever plays second base thas to hit."


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