Cards placement in national top 100s: updated

Our updated analysis of the placement of St. Louis Cardinals prospects on seven national top 100 prospect lists, including our own list, of course.

Earlier this month, I shared an aggregate view of St. Louis Cardinals top prospects across six national top 100 lists, including our own here at At the time, Baseball America had yet to publish their view of the game's best prospects for 2012.

With the release of that information on Tuesday, here I have updated the earlier article's tables to include BA, the seventh national rater selected. I will not repeat all of the earlier commentary, but simply make further remarks based on the additional ranking.

BA tied ESPN for the most Cardinals mentioned on their top 100 with six. On the positive side, St. Louis tied four other organizations with the greatest number of prospects named, with San Diego, Texas and Oakland. The bit of negative is that four of the six Cardinals are placed roughly in the last quartile.

Still, six prospects are six prospects on a list in which each organization's "fair share" would be just three. (Earlier, BA ranked the Cardinals system overall at just 12th across MLB. This ranking seems incongruous with the individual prospect detail.)

BA ESPN BP HQ Proj Prs Scout MLB
8 Miller 5 Miller 10 Miller 17 Miller 5 Miller 6 Miller 5 Miller
27 Martinez 22 Martinez 23 Taveras 37 Martinez 50 Martinez 19 Martinez 30 Martinez
74 Taveras 53 Taveras 31 Martinez 68 Wong 63 Taveras 35 Taveras
88 Cox 66 Cox 69 Adams 78 Taveras 76 Wong 92 Jenkins
93 Wong 74 Jenkins 88 Wong 91 Jenkins
94 Jenkins 92 Swagerty

As on all the other lists except one, Shelby Miller is a top 10 player and Carlos Martinez continued his strong showing across the board. Among Cardinals, there is a large gap between Martinez at number 27 and Oscar Taveras at 74 on the BA list.

With BA, Kolten Wong and Tyrell Jenkins each made their fourth of the seven top 100 lists. The somewhat unique name on their list is Zack Cox. Through ranked at number 88 nationwide by Baseball America, the third baseman appears on only one other list, ESPN.

Matt Adams and Jordan Swagerty are the only other Cardinals players mentioned on any top 100 lists and they appeared on just one each, from Baseball Prospectus and ESPN, respectively.

This second representation of the same data as shown above is oriented by player by row for easier individual comparison.

BA ESPN BP HQ Proj Prs Scout MLB
Miller 8 5 10 17 5 6 5 Miller
Martinez 27 22 31 37 50 19 30 Martinez
Taveras 74 53 23 78 63 35 Taveras
Wong 93 88 68 76 Wong
Jenkins 94 74 91 92 Jenkins
Cox 88 66 Cox
Adams 69 Adams
Swagerty 92 Swagerty

Bonus coverage

For another project, I took the national top 100's from three of the best-known external entities - Baseball America, Baseball Prospectus and ESPN - and combined them into one ordered list. I thought I would share the Cardinals results with you as well.

The process was simple. I summed the three numeric rankings of each player, with the lowest total best. For those not named on a particular top 100, I arbitrarily assigned him a ranking of 120. For this latter group, my intent was to strike the right balance in penalizing them.

130 different prospects were named across those three lists. Using my scoring process to create a master list, here is how the eight Cardinals came out in ranking among the 130 players.

T6 Shelby Miller
22 Carlos Martinez
T40 Oscar Taveras
88 Zack Cox
94 Tyrell Jenkins
102 Kolten Wong
T104 Matt Adams
T121 Jordan Swagerty

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