Final 2012 Cardinals prospect list comparison

An eighth major national prospect list has been released and the St. Louis Cardinals are well represented.

With this article, the series that would never seem to end is finally going to end - I think!

As national prospect raters have released their various lists, I recorded their placement of St. Louis Cardinals prospects and put them together in a side-by-side comparison. Not knowing their individual publishing schedules, this year's comparisons have been an iterative process.

The final major list for 2012 (in my opinion) was published the other day, this from John Sickels at Minor League Ball.

This is Sickels' first-ever national list in which he consolidates pitchers and hitters together. Like several others, he set his own convention by ranking 120 players instead of the traditional 100. Sickels also listed a group of two dozen other names that fell short of his top 120.

With six Cardinals in his top 100 (noted in shorthand below as "MiL Ball", Sickels ties Baseball America and ESPN for the most St. Louis prospects called out in 2012.

MiL Ball BA ESPN BP HQ Proj Prs Scout MLB
Miller 6 8 5 10 17 5 6 5 Miller
Martinez 33 27 22 31 37 50 19 30 Martinez
Taveras 62 74 53 23 78 63 35 Taveras
Wong 56 93 88 68 76 Wong
Jenkins 69 94 74 91 92 Jenkins
Cox (115) 88 66 Cox
Adams (110) 69 Adams
Swagerty 92 Swagerty
Lynn  98 Lynn 

Sickels does have a few notable differences, however. For example, he includes Lance Lynn (at 98), a player left off some other lists due to his Major League service time.

Sickels is the fifth of the eight raters to include 2011 Quad Cities teammates Kolten Wong and Oscar Taveras among their top 100, but only the second to place the second baseman (56) ahead of the outfielder (62). The other was BaseballHQ. On the other side of the coin, ESPN (Keith Law) and (Frankie Piliere) left Wong off their top 100's entirely.

The placement of Shelby Miller (6) and Carlos Martinez (33) are very consistent with the other lists. At Sickels' number 69, Tyrell Jenkins makes his strongest showing on any of the major national rankings.

Two other Cardinals players noted in the table are outside of Sickels' top 100. They are Matt Adams at 110 and Zack Cox at 115. The two included among Sickels' "Others" are Eduardo Sanchez and Trevor Rosenthal. Jordan Swagerty was not mentioned.

So, all things considered, one might conclude that Sickels sees 10 Cardinals among his top 144 prospects in the game – an impressive showing.

With that, I conclude this series. Oh wait, I just may be back to this general subject when Baseball Prospectus becomes the final major national entity to release its system-wide rankings of the 30 organizations, expected sometime next month!

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