Cardinals minor league working rosters: 3/20

How St. Louis Cardinals minor leaguers were organized in first-week games in spring training camp.

When St. Louis Cardinals minor leaguers reported to spring training camp, players were organized into working groups. Since then, games have begun and personnel have been shifted from the rosters shared earlier into five team-aligned groups.

As always, the working rosters are shared for your interest. They do not include the seven players dropped from major league camp on Tuesday. Players are traditionally given a day off between stops.

165 players are now assigned to minor league camp, plus delayed pitcher Jose Almarante. Please be aware these rosters are written in pencil until camp breaks in two weeks.

St. Louis Cardinals working minor league spring training rosters: 3/20

Memphis (34) Springfield (34) Palm Beach (35) Quad Cities (49)
White Red
P Additon Blair Bibona Hiraldo Cornelius
Blazek Delgado Gaviglio Lopez Costantino
Broderick Ferrara Hald Pasen Daugherty
Cleto Gorgen Hernandez Ulacio De Leon
Dickson Hooker Jenkins Watson, B
Gast Maness McInnis
Kelly Martinez, C Sherriff
Lyons Russell Villanueva
Miller, S Siegrist Whiting
Browning Butler Benes Miller, T Baker
Greenwood Castillo, Ri Billbrough Mills Bileckyj
Rauschenberger Corrigan Copeland Nadeau Castillo, Y
Reifer Edwards Hunt Nuernberg Cole
Simpson Fornataro Kiekhefer Revesz Creath
Todd Martinez, R Lucas, A Springer Gillung
Reid Miranda Stock Jacob
Rondon Nazario Wyatt Melling
Schneider Paulino
C De La Cruz, L Castillo, J Keener Montero Byrd
Derba Stanley Klein Perez, L Ehrlich
Espinoza Tartamella Rasmus Velazco Lewis
Perez, A Teran
1B Scruggs Rodriguez, J Cerreto Washington De La Cruz, R
IF Cox Elkins Albitz Peoples-Walls Patton
Curtis Gil Bergman Steinstra Pritchard
Garcia, G Obregon Mateo Tuivailala Rahmatulla
Garcia, J Rodriguez, S Valera, C Valera, B Williams, M
Kozma Vasquez Walsh
Wong Wittels
OF Conley Ahmady Apelian Bryant Bergin
Luna Edmondson Hill, V Jeffries Garcia, A
Marti Longmire Medina McElroy Martini
Melker O'Neill Ramos Tilson Williams, R
Pham Rosario Reyes, R
Swauger Swinson

Rehab (6) Delayed (1) Released (4) From MLB (7)
Canache Almarante Calhoun Ottavino
Kopp Mijares Fick
Lucas, J Parise Freeman, S
McGregor Watson, S Swindle
Santana Hill, S
Swagerty Jackson

I will update these rosters again later in camp.

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