Xavier Scruggs getting settled in Springfield

St. Louis Cardinals minor league first baseman Xavier Scruggs reports from Springfield, Missouri - and the road.

I'm back at blogging and I'm so proud of our team because we come to play every single night. Our team "goes hard". For some of you who don't know what that means, it's just a phrase emphasizing the fact that we go out there every night and give it our all whether we win or lose.

Our record right now isn't even important to me. I believe we are a game over .500. The most important thing is how we jelling together as a team and that we are continuing to improve each day.

I can tell you one thing, I couldn't be around a better group of guys. I have been playing baseball for a long time and I have been around a lot of different types of personalities. I can say for a fact that this is the best group of guys I have been around since I have been drafted. That is saying a lot too because I had a great team in 2008 in the New York-Penn League when my Batavia Muckdogs team won the championship.

This year the Springfield Cardinals have quite a talented group of players. More importantly, I think it's a group of guys that anyone would be glad to be associated with. Everyone on my team is so positive and hardworking. That includes our coaches and manager as well.

I'm a big believer that being positive helps breed excellence in anything that you do. I try not to associate with negative people and when I look around the clubhouse I don't see anyone that I find myself avoiding. Just on personalities alone, I could see this team going a long way. I know realistically that this team's roster won't remain the same all year, but I still believe this team could do some special things. There is just this winning attitude I think our team already possesses.

Even top prospects such as Kolten Wong and Oscar Taveras don't consider themselves bigger than the team. They just have that winning attitude and both are great teammates. I think every player brings something great to the table. Not to mention that we have four players on the team reigning from San Diego County (Greg Garcia, Scott Schneider, Deryk Hooker, and myself). Ha ha. But seriously, it is important to have your Cali boys. They bring calmness and an important swagger to every clubhouse.

The time I have spent in Springfield so far has been really eventful. From finding a place to live, to playing the St. Louis Cardinals in a exhibition game, to attending my first outside sunrise service on Easter, it's been crazy.

Luckily, I was able to find a place to live and get it furnished within the three days allotted to us by the Cardinals. Yes, we only have three nights that the Cardinals put us up in a hotel. After that, if we haven't found a place to live then we have to start paying for the hotel. It's tough, but knowing that, I started looking for place during spring training and luckily my roommate Niko Vasquez and I were able to get settled into our place right when we got into town.

Playing the Cardinals in the exhibition game was indescribable. The stadium was packed. It was a great atmosphere in which to play. Unfortunately we had to face one of our own in Trevor Rosenthal who was throwing some serious gas. I think I would almost have rather faced Chris Carpenter or Adam Wainwright. Anyway, it was a great game and I was proud of our team as we competed well but lost 3-2. I think a lot of us feel like we should've won that game. That just goes to show how competitive our team is and how we already have that winning mentality.

The first couple of weeks have been a little frustrating for me because I have been struggling at the plate, but the season is still early and I'm confident that the hits will start falling. We have a long ways to go and this is just the beginning. It's a 140-game season.

Now that I think of it, that means so many more bus rides. Yes, every minor leaguer's favorite thing. Bus rides! We have already had a couple of long trips. Coming back from Midland, Texas took about 13 hours. So brutal. Luckily we take two busses so we can actually stretch out across the seats and sleep. No matter what though, you can never get truly comfortable on the bus.

Not to mention on my bus, we had movies playing basically the whole ride back to Springfield. I woke up at four in the morning to the loud fighting scenes of the movie "Transformers". I was pissed. I almost got up and turned the movie off myself because it was so loud. I didn't do it though because I didn't have enough energy to get up from my seat. Ha ha.

Besides that, everything else is going good. I'm a big breakfast guy and I'm happy to say I have found my breakfast spot in Springfield. Gailey's Breakfast Cafe is what the place is called. Excellent service and great food. That's where I have written most of this blog. Blame their coffee if I have been rambling too much.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and look out for my blog every Friday if you want the inside scoop on the Springfield Cardinals. I'll be blogging all season! God Bless.

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