Aaron Luna's medical journey will have an end

Memphis outfielder Aaron Luna has been dealing with a foot problem since last year but can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

When I saw St. Louis Cardinals outfield prospect Aaron Luna during spring training, he appeared normal from all outward appearances. I was told he was out while recovering from a foot injury. As the time rolled on, Luna had yet to appear in game action.

This past weekend in Cardinals camp in Jupiter, Fla., I encountered Luna once again. This time, there was no mistake about his current situation. The 25-year-old was wearing a walking boot on his right foot.

the boot
The former Rice University star explained that he was just two weeks out of surgery, a procedure to remove a bone in his foot. Discomfort related to the injury, later diagnosed as a tibial seismoid fracture, first surfaced late last season.

Over the off-season, Luna was given a program to rehabilitate the condition, but upon his return to spring training camp in March, it did not improve. As such, Luna did not appear in any spring games, nor did he take the field in extended spring training, either. A decision was then made to proceed with surgery.

For those interested, this website explains the situation in detail from a medical perspective. It notes that the treatment of sesamoid fractures begins with a period of conservative care.

However, some sesamoid fractures do not heal and if there is continued pain, surgical excision of the sesamoid in a procedure called a sesamoidectomy is performed. This is what occurred in Luna's case.

During his rehab, Luna isn't sedentary, however. He is continuing cardio work and even light hitting. His next milestone is May 30, at which time his recovery progress will be checked by Dr. Lyndon Gross. The Cardinals' orthopedic surgeon performed Luna's procedure in St. Louis.

If all continues to proceed as Luna hopes, he will be back in game action by mid- June. The inconsistent Memphis Redbirds offense will surely be ready to welcome him back with open arms.

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