Cardinals extended spring training rosters

St. Louis Cardinals minor league "Red" and "White" rosters from extended spring training camp in Jupiter, Florida.

As they do every spring, the St. Louis Cardinals split their players in extended spring training camp into two rosters. The Red team generally consists of the older, more experienced athletes, while the White team is made up of younger players, including first-time arrivals from the organization's academy in the Dominican Republic.

Oliver Marmol (third from right) teaching his White team after a game

Some days, they oppose one of the three New York Mets EST clubs or the one team staffed by Miami Marlins players. Other days, the Cardinals White and Red rosters take on each other. They always get Sundays off.

Everyone's goal is to be playing somewhere else. Some will accomplish that soon. A handful of the EST players have and will continue to be asked to serve as injury replacements for the full-season clubs.

Most will remain, however, until camp ends in early June. Those players will end up on one of the short-season rosters – Batavia of the New York-Penn League, Johnson City of the Appalachian League or the Gulf Coast League Cardinals. They will be joined by signed June draftees.

Given those dynamics, direct translation of these rosters to actual teams this coming summer is not possible. Still, knowing which players are ahead of others has illustrative value. While there is some movement between Red and White rosters, they are mostly static.

Here are 88 players – most of whom are in extended spring training camp plus there are a few who would normally be, but are not. 63 are taking the field in game action.

Red (30+1) White (32) Rehab (19) Others (6)
P B Freeman (L) Bautista Bibona (PB) DeJesus (visa)
Gillung (L) DeLeon Blair (PB) Pasen (susp)
B Martinez DeLosSantos Canache Rada 
Melling (L) S Garcia Copeland (PB)
Sherriff (L) S Lopez  Costantino
B Watson Ulacio Delgado (Spr)
E Hiraldo
Aguilar F Flores Hooker (Spr)
Almarante  Gerdel J Lucas
Baker  Harris (MIL) McGregor (Spr)
Bileckyj (L) Nuernberg  Mills
Brand Paredes Santana
Y Castillo Jh Polanco Swagerty (Spr)
Hunt Revesz (L) Toribio
T Miller Springer Whiting (PB)
Rein (L) A Tapia 
C Byrd J Gomez
Keener Ehrlich 
Montero L Perez
Stanley (susp) Velazco
1B Bergin Argenal
Washington Knox
IF Martin  Barbuena Stienstra R Garcia
Patton Le Mateo Rblys Reyes (visa)
B Valera R Medina
C Valera Peoples-Walls 
Vargas Tuivailala 
OF Apelian  Acevedo Jeffries  Williams (susp)
Bryant Capellan Luna (Mem)
Ro Castillo Deol  Pham (Spr)
Dodd McElroy
S Ramos Tilson

The far right column lists players currently not in camp. Angel De Jesus and Robelys Reyes have visa problems. Jose Rada is rehabbing at home in Venezuela. Reggie Williams and Jose Pasen are ineligible to play until August due to suspension, so will return about one month prior to get into playing shape.

The players listed in the Rehab column are in Florida but not yet cleared to play. 11 of the 19 are currently on the disabled lists of full-season clubs as noted. The others are EST players.

Remember that you can read about the injury details of each player by accessing his player page. They are available from hot links in any article as well as via the "Minor League Rosters" dropdown pages located at the center of the home page in the red banner under the site logo.

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