Quad Cities Bandits Notebook: 2012 Week 7

A 3-7 record over their last 10 meant a drop in the standings for the Cardinals' Class A Midwest League affiliate.

The Quad Cities River Bandits have been on a downward skid lately, sliding from a tie for first place to a tie for fourth place in the Western Division. They are 3-7 in their last 10 games and are on a two-game losing streak as of Monday.

Garrett Wittels, Brandon Creath, and Kevin Jacob have returned to Extended Spring Training while Bob Revesz (LHP), Travis Miller (RHP), and Neal Pritchard (INF) joined the team. We should know this week if that shake up means an improvement in performance. The three who came to town this week were moved from the Batavia roster. I hope to see Garrett, Brandon, and Kevin back here later this summer.

Jonathan Cornelius (3.00 ERA) joined the team last week and has had two no-decision outings. He is very impressive in his delivery and deserves to have a couple of wins under his belt but bullpen problems have been his bane.

The only game I was able to see this week was a fun game to watch but it would have been better if it had been a win! Hector Hernandez allowed eight hits and four earned runs in 6.2 innings but three of those runs came in the seventh inning. There were a few questionable calls but I've come to expect those at this level of baseball. It's difficult to beat any team when you give up eleven hits.

Since I didn't get to view many games this week, I'll make a few comments on players that have made an impression this season.

Luis Mateo is hitting the ball very hard. He gets crucial hits to keep the club in games or to hold on to leads that count for a lot. He rarely hits a blooper that barely leaves the infield. The second baseman keeps his head in the game defensively and when running the bases. I predict that he'll be promoted as soon as there is a place for him in Palm Beach.

Colin Walsh seems out of place in this league and should also be promoted soon. There are few pitchers who can get much past him. He seems to be a leader on the field, too.

In his short stay here so far, Casey Rasmus deserves another mention. He is hitting well (.231) and has good command of the field when he's behind the plate. I've mentioned it before but he really has good speed running the bases, too.

Tyler Rahmatulla is starting to show that he's a great ball player, too. His average is up to .321 and he scores a run almost 2/3 of the time that he gets a hit. His hits are coming at key times in close games, too, so it seems that he plays well under pressure.

Matt Williams is also coming alive in the warmer weather. He's hitting over .250 now and making key plays on the field. He leads the team in errors but I think that goes with the position he plays and a tendency for official scorekeepers to be generous with errors charged to the shortstop. Keep your eye on him - he's going places, too.

Tyrell Jenkins has 32 strikeouts to lead the pitching staff. He has also allowed 17 walks to lead the team. That's in 33.2 innings of work. He kind of reminds me of Kevin Siegrist from last year. The right-hander is a lot better than he's shown us so far, but he maintains a commanding presence on the mound that simply can't be ignored.

The Bandits still have players who are trying to figure out play at this level. Sadly, Virgil Hill, who came in with power like he had his own generator, is showing the same streakiness that hurt him last year. I hope this is a temporary slump and not a sign of what we can expect.

Willy Paulino's numbers are improving but he's still having a hard time keeping the team in the game when he comes in on relief. I wish I had a better idea of what his problem is.

The others that I would have mentioned in this section have gotten the notice of the front office and have been re-assigned.

If you have questions or comments, please send them to me on the forum - I have a thread on the insider's board just for you! I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for reading!

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