Frankie Piliere on the Cardinals' 2012 draft's national baseball expert weighs in on the 2012 First-Year Player Draft and specifically the St. Louis Cardinals' class.

The 2012 First-Year Player Draft has proven to be most unique, with the new cap rules having apparently modified club behavior. national baseball expert Frankie Piliere, a former professional scout, has seen many of the players taken in the draft, reporting, filming and ranking them.

The Cardinals picks, made within the restrictions of these new regulations, led Piliere to make the initial assessment that the club "Played it safe" with their draft:

"You can judge the Cardinals' draft class in a number of different ways, but if you're a fan of high upside type selections, you won't like their early round picks. They did take a high upside bat in Carson Kelly 86th overall, as well as some other toolsy players in the later rounds, but for the most part they played it safe. Their two first rounders, Michael Wacha and James Ramsey, are likely big leaguers but do not profile as impact type talents."

Like you perhaps, reading the above led me to want to learn more. The following audio is Frankie's conversation with me about the draft and specifically, his view of some of the players taken by St. Louis.


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