Cards spring news from Jupiter: 03/14/13

Brian Walton's Thursday notes from St. Louis Cardinals spring training camp in Jupiter, Florida.

Manager Mike Matheny was back in camp and met with the media as he does each morning. With several dozen of us there, others will have the details. I will summarize what I feel are the key points here.

Doctors found and removed four fragments from his back. He is restricted for the next eight weeks and specifically from lifting items over five pounds and throwing batting practice. Matheny will be making all road trips.

Matheny said shortstop Rafael Furcal's Tommy John surgery went well. The Wednesday surgery was performed by Dr. James Andrews.

I asked Matheny how he might allocate regular-season playing time at second between Matt Carpenter and Daniel Descalso. Matheny mentioned the potential difficulty. That led into him disclosing that Carpenter will start seeing time at other positions defensively in spring games and Descalso will continue to play in other positions as well, including at shortstop.

There were at least three roster cuts made following Thursday's game. The details are here.

On the Joe Kelly-Shelby Miller starting battle, the manager did not answer the question of the winner even after Thursday's game. He wants to maintain flexibility in case another opening occurs and is not willing to define the role of the non-winner, either.

After Kelly finished his Thursday outing, during which he allowed three hits and one run in four solid innings, the right-hander climbed atop an electric transformer behind the centerfield wall. Kelly watched his friend and competitor Miller pitch next.

Minor league starting lineups from Thursday

With five games scheduled, Peoria 2's game was moved to the Marlins' side of the complex. With four minor league games on the Cardinals side plus the major league going on in the main stadium, I did not see Peoria 2. While I have their pitching plan, I did not get their lineup. As a bonus, you get the mid-game substitutions for Palm Beach. There were several position changes – this is just the lineup spots.

Memphis Pos Springfield Pos
Pham 8 Gil 6
Swauger 9 Melker 9
Peterson 8 Wisdom 5
Scruggs 3 Piscotty 9
Curtis 5 Ramsey 7
Albitz 6 Mateo 4
S Rodriguez 4 Medina 3
Edmondson 7 Swinson DH
Tartamella  2 Rasmus 2
McGregor 2 P Blair 2 P
Hooker 2 Sherriff 2
Wright 1 Nazario 2
A Lucas 1 Paulino 1
K Thomas 1 T Miller 1
Wyatt 1 Baker 1
Palm Beach  Pos 5th inn. Peoria 1 Pos Peoria 2
B Valera 4 Wilson Tilson 8
Vargas 6 Mejia R Williams 7
Kelly 5 Bryant DH
Bergin 3 Schaffer Washington 3
Popkins 9 Young Caldwell 4
Walton 7 Lewis 2
Ehrlich 2 Velazco Martin 5
R De La Cruz DH C Valera Jeffries 9
McElroy 8 Ramos Mateo 6
Cooney 2 P Jenkins 2 P DeLosSantos 2
Hald 2 Hernandez 2 Donofrio 2
Cornelius 2 Polanco 2 Lee 2
Llorens 2 Perry 1-2 Gerdel 1-2
Y Castillo 1-2 Shaban 1-2 Renfro 1-2

Selected velocities from selected pitchers

Tim Cooney: 90 with long counts on seemingly every hitter in 1st inning
Tyrell Jenkins: 95-97 but hit relatively hard – threw all fastballs in first inning
Seth Blair: 92-94, offspeed 82
Ryan Sherriff: 84-86
Hector Hernandez: 86-88
Kyle Hald: 88
Deryk Hooker: 90
Jhonny Polanco: 87-92 – falls toward 1B
Chris Perry: 85-86
Iden Nazario: 89-90

Among today's dignitaries on the back fields were former Marlins manager Jack McKeon. Fortunately, "Trader Jack" did not try to deal me away.

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More to come this week...

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