Upcoming Cardinals minor league pitching plan

Schedules for St. Louis Cardinals minor league pitchers in spring training camp in Jupiter, Fla.

With my departure from Planet Jupiter and St. Louis Cardinals spring training camp, the daily eyewitness news articles unfortunately are coming to an end.

I will continue to run features, including one about minor leaguers playing in big league games, a look ahead to extended spring training as well as interviews with Greg Garcia and Seth Maness.

Today, I will lay out the starting pitching plans for the minor league clubs from Sunday, March 17 through Tuesday, March 19. (OF course, these are tentative schedules, which can and will change.)

On Sunday, the Marlins will be entertaining the top four Cardinals minor league teams, while the Peoria 2 squad will stay at "home" to face their Miami counterparts.

Victor Marte will be making his first scheduled appearance since being optioned out. The fact that he is starting is meaningless. The two-inning stint is likely planned to get him some work. He last pitched in a major league game on the 11th, only throwing sides since.

Sunday 17-Mar
Memphis Springfield Palm Beach Peoria 1 Peoria 2
Marte 2 Corrigan 3 Cornelius 2 Stock 3 J Lucas 2
Sanchez 2 T Miller 2 Paulino 2 Polanco 2-3 Perry 2
Hooker 2 Nazario 2 Wyatt 1-2 Renfro 2 Donofrio 2
K Thomas 2 A Lucas 2 Llorens 1-2 Perdomo 1-2 Booden 1-2
Wright 2 Baker 1-2 Shaban 1-2 Aguilar 1-2

Monday brings another bus ride for the Palm Beach and Peoria clubs as they travel the 31 miles to Port St. Lucie. Memphis and Springfield will remain home to entertain Triple-A New Orleans and Double-A Jacksonville.

One top prospect pitcher will be starting at each location – Michael Wacha (in his first outing since being sent down) in Jupiter, and Tyrell Jenkins at Port St. Lucie.

At the far right, you will notice two pitching staffs for a potential simulated game. If it is held, it will be between the remaining Peoria players.

Monday 18-Mar
Memphis Springfield Palm Beach Peoria Poss Sim Game
Wacha 3 Sherriff 3 Hald 2-3 Jenkins 3 Bautista Foody
Delgado 2 Blair 3 Cooney 2-3 S Garcia 3 Tuivailala Petrick
Rondon 1-2 Russell 1-2 Miranda 2 Hernandez 2 O'Shea C Thomas
Kiekhefer 1-2 Almarante 1 Cuda 2 Lopez 1 Lee  Rauh
Browning Siegrist 1-2 Creath Y Castillo 1 Paredes Wittels

Tuesday will bring another Marlins day, with the location of the five games exactly opposite from Sunday.

Richard Castillo will be making his second post-WBC start with another notable being Kurt Heyer, the Cards' sixth-round draft pick last June from the University of Arizona.

Tuesday 19-Mar
Memphis Springfield Palm Beach Peoria 1 Peoria 2
R Castillo Ferrara Heyer Villanueva DeLosSantos
Greenwood Whiting Stoppelman Aldrete Harris
Hooker Sabatino
McGregor Aguilar

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More to come this week and next...

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