Cards extended spring report: Young hitters

An in-depth, exclusive review of a number of the youngest hitters in St. Louis Cardinals extended spring training camp with GCL Cards manager Steve Turco.

In an earlier installment, St. Louis Cardinals minor league pitching coordinator Brent Strom highlighted a number of standout arms at the organization's extended spring training camp, currently underway in Jupiter, Fla.

Now it is time to do the same for the hitters. These individuals will be explored in two parts. First, we will begin with the youngest position players. In game action, this group as designated as the "White Team."

They are generally made up of the over a dozen recent arrivals for the Dominican Republic academy plus a number of players who competed for manager Steve Turco in the 2012 Gulf Coast League. (You can see the EST rosters here.)

As such, it seems appropriate that "Turk" also leads the White squad during EST. The winner of the 2011 George Kissell Award for excellence in player development has improved the GCL Cardinals' record in each of his four seasons at the helm.

In the exclusive audio interview that follows, Turco discusses how EST camp has been going and specifically indicates a number of standout position players. He also sets up the preparations for the 2013 GCL Cardinals season.


Coming soon: In the next article in this series, "Red" skipper Oliver Marmol, who managed Johnson City in 2012 and will lead State College in 2013, will go through his generally-older EST position player charges as well.

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