Monthly Cards prospect rankings: June 2013

Our monthly subscriber-only, in-depth report on rising and falling St. Louis Cardinals prospects. Tyler Lyons and Kevin Siegrist are among those whose stock is improving.

This is the June 2013 edition of CariocaCardinal's Monthly Top 40 Prospect List. I hope that this report will be the launching pad for discussion regarding St. Louis Cardinals prospects.

Each month, I present my top 20 prospects (updated through the end of the month), my next 20 prospects (not ranked but listed in alphabetical order), as well as whatever observations I feel are relevant at the moment.

This report reflects my opinions and not that of the entire The Cardinal Nation staff, so feel to address any comments or criticisms directly to me either through the premium message board or via private message if you prefer.

Note: Players remain eligible for the list as long as they maintain their prospect status (less than 50 innings pitched or less than 130 plate appearances in the major leagues.)

On to the report!

Prospect Rankings

Behind each player's name in parentheses is where I ranked him last month.

#1 Oscar Taveras (1). Continues to be #1 but needs to get healthy.

#2 Michael Wacha (3). An impressive start in St. Louis could move him temporarily ahead of Oscar.

#3 Trevor Rosenthal (4). His recent dominance in the major leagues would have him #1 in almost any other system.

#4 Carlos Martinez (6). Bumps himself up with strong major league debut

#5 Matt Adams (5). Struggling between injury and lack of playing time.

#6 Kolten Wong (7). May Position Player of the Month tearing up Triple-A pitching.

#7 Carson Kelly (8). Where has the power gone? Did not drop only because no one else stepped up.

#8 Seth Maness (11). Might move higher if given a chance to start in St. Louis.

#9 Stephen Piscotty (9). Struggled in May. Did Florida State League pitchers figure him out already?

#10 John Gast (15). Proved he belonged in the big leagues prior to injury.

#11 James Ramsey (10). Strong start is quieting his critics from last year.

#12 Tyler Lyons (21-40). One of the biggest i-season jumps ever. Will go higher if he continues as he has to date with St. Louis.

#13 Ryan Jackson (14). Hot bat continues as does the snub from the major league team.

#14 Tyrell Jenkins (16). Starting to find consistency. Needs to move up a level to Palm Beach to rise much in my rankings.

#15 Tommy Pham (20). Another injury setback, but continued where he left off. Nearly 450 Double-A at bats at an over .900 OPS - why is he still in Springfield?

#16 Kevin Siegrist (21-40). Continuing at Triple-A where he left off at Double-A - racking up the K's.

#17 Charlie Tilson (17). Coming back from injury and hitting better than ever.

#18 Mike O'Neill (19). Will he ever show any power?

#19 Patrick Wisdom (12). Can't seem to get it together this year.

#20 Breyvic Valera (21-40). Speedster is still young for his league.

21-40 are in alphabetical order.

Steve Bean (21-40). Anxious to see if he's improved this year.

Michael Blazek (NR). Did not get to the mound in major league call up but putting together a fine year.

Keith Butler (21-40). Solid start to major league career.

Adron Chambers (21-40). In third Triple-A year, he hasn't stepped it up.

Tim Cooney (21-40). Hard to believe he wouldn't be top 20 in any other organization.

Adam Ehrlich (21-40). Started to hit again like last year before recent trip to Peoria's disabled list.

Anthony Garcia (13). First time out of my top 20.

Greg Garcia (18). Dropped out of top 20 but still a solid prospect.

Cory Jones (NR). Going out on a limb based on one good game, but my gut tells me he may rise fast.

C.J. McElroy (21-40). Injury put brakes on fast start.

Alex Mejia (21-40). Promoted to Palm Beach and needs to adjust to league.

Zach Petrick (NR). Now in age-appropriate league in Florida State League and he continues to pitch well.

Alex Reyes (NR). Yet to make pro debut but makes list based on hype and signing bonus.

Starlin Rodriguez (21-40). Many expected a big year at Double-A, but so far it is not happening.

Ronnie Shaban (21-40). Expect him in Springfield by the end of the year.

Lee Stoppelman (21-40). Promoted to Double-A and not missing a beat.

Jordan Swagerty (21-40). Hopefully will see game action in June.

Colin Walsh (21-40). #40 on this list! Needs to step it up.

Boone Whiting (21-40). Will he be the next non-hyped pitcher to excel in St. Louis?

Jacob Wilson (21-40). RBI machine keeps getting big hits.

Dropped out

Jermaine Curtis (21-40). I think his major league cameo this year may be his career highlight.

Kurt Heyer (21-40). Not sure he has a high enough ceiling to excel as he moves up.

Shelby Miller (2). Graduated.

Eduardo Sanchez (21-40). Claimed off of waivers by the Cubs.

Cody Stanley (21-40). OK glove plus OK bat does not a major league catcher make.

With next month comes the challenge of integrating the 2013 draft picks into the rankings. Players will only be considered for ranking once they have signed.

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