One-on-one with Cardinal Trevor Rosenthal

Brian Walton interviews St. Louis Cardinals right-handed relief pitcher Trevor Rosenthal.

What can I say about Trevor Rosenthal that already hasn't been said? His rise from Class-A to major league success in half a season is as meteoric a rise as the St. Louis Cardinals have seen in many a year.

Able to throw fastballs at 100 miles per hour garners attention from anyone, but the true baseball fan will be in greater awe at a 90 mph changeup that looks identical to the heater when leaving Rosenthal's right hand.

Other than more chiseled shoulders, built from countless hours working out, Rosenthal looks the same as he did when I first met him at Johnson City in 2010. Despite being one of the deans of the current bullpen in terms of MLB experience and carrying the weight of the eighth-inning set up man for a club expected to win, Rosenthal remains open and friendly to all – like the Midwest guy he was brought up to be.

I spoke with Rosenthal shortly after he and his pregnant wife, a nurse by training, along with teammate Joe Kelly, had returned from a highly-publicized visit to MLB's Fan Cave.

In the following exclusive interview, Rosenthal discusses his rise to major league stardom and how he is dealing with it.


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