Four Memphis Redbirds, manager suspended

Actions before and during the Saturday fight between Memphis and Albuquerque led to suspensions.

The benches-clearing brawl between the Memphis Redbirds and the Los Angeles Dodgers' Albuquerque affiliate last Saturday night led to 10 player suspensions issued by the Pacific Coast League. The suspended include four Redbirds, three pitchers and a catcher.

Catcher Rob Johnson was suspended three games and pitcher Jorge Rondon was hit for a seven-game time out, the longest of the group. The latter's pitch thrown up and in to Justin Sellers was the final spark that set off the fight.

Redbirds pitchers Maikel Cleto and Sam Freeman were suspended three games each. Cleto started the game for Memphis and was wild, issuing eight walks. He was involved in early-game discord and ended up fighting Jeremy Moore.

Cleto and Freeman's time out will begin at the end of Rondon's week free of action. In addition, Memphis manager Pop Warner has already sat out his one-game suspension.

Albuquerque pitcher Aaron Laffey received five games out, with three-game suspensions given to Sellers, Moore, Rusty Rial, Josh Wall and Dee Gordon.

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