Monthly Cards prospect rankings: July 2013

Our monthly subscriber-only, in-depth report on rising and falling St. Louis Cardinals prospects. First-round draft picks Marco Gonzales and Rob Kaminsky debut in the top 10.

This is the July 2013 edition of CariocaCardinal's Monthly Top 40 Prospect List. I hope that this report will be the launching pad for discussion regarding St. Louis Cardinals prospects.

Each month, I present my top 20 prospects (updated through the end of the month), my next 20 prospects (not ranked but listed in alphabetical order), as well as whatever observations I feel are relevant at the moment.

This report reflects my opinions and not that of the entire The Cardinal Nation staff, so feel to address any comments or criticisms directly to me either through the premium message board or via private message if you prefer.

Note: Players remain eligible for the list as long as they maintain their prospect status (less than 50 innings pitched or less than 130 plate appearances in the major leagues.)

On to the report!

Prospect Rankings

Behind each player's name in parentheses is where I ranked him last month.

#1 Oscar Taveras (1). Health issues continue to hold him back.

#2 Michael Wacha (2). Occasional plateaus are to be expected in early development.

#3 Carlos Martinez (3). Bumps himself up with strong major league debut and success in Memphis rotation.

#4 Kolten Wong (7). Graduations of other players pushing him toward the top.

#5 Marco Gonzales (NA). Pundits are all over the map about this pitcher's potential but seem united on his high floor.

#6 Stephen Piscotty (8). Nice comeback in June at Double-A.

#7 Rob Kaminsky (NR). Lefty first-round draft pick - of course I've got to rank him!

#8 Seth Maness (8). Hard to know what his upside is.

#9 Carson Kelly (7). Prospect status dropping along with his batting average.

#10 Kevin Siegrist (16). Who was the last Cardinals pitcher to have more impressive stats over his first 11 games?

#11 Tyler Lyons (12). I am just as impressed with how he has handled his demotion as how he pitched in St. Louis.

#12 Tyrell Jenkins (14). Promoted to Palm Beach and still pitching well.

#13 James Ramsey (11). Needs to step it up as he gets used to Double-A pitching.

#14 Ryan Jackson (13). Will he at least get a September call up?

#15 Tommy Pham (15) Promoted to Triple-A and trying to earn an off-season 40-man roster spot.

#16 Anthony Garcia (21-40). After dropping down last month, he comes back on fire - but the strikeouts are still worrisome.

#17 John Gast (10). Will the lefty pitch again this year?

#18 Charlie Tilson (17). Will the outfielder develop any power as he matures?

#19 Mike O'Neill (18). It seems his turn to be promoted to Triple-A is coming.

#20 Patrick Wisdom (19). Batting average is ticking upward. I really thought he would see Palm Beach this year - now I am thinking I was wrong.

21-40 are in alphabetical order.

Michael Blazek (21-40). Closing in on the top 20.

Seth Blair (NR). Recent results at Springfield merit return to this list.

Keith Butler (21-40). Finding his groove in St. Louis after a rough start.

Tim Cooney (21-40). Dropped off slightly in June.

Greg Garcia (21-40). Playing part time at Memphis, can he get the buzz going again?

Cory Jones (21-40). My faith last month has been rewarded.

C.J. McElroy (21-40). Back in Peoria after injury and rehab.

Oscar Mercado (NR). There are $1.5 million reasons why the shortstop is on this list.

Zach Petrick (21-40). Now a starter at Palm Beach, the 2012 free agent could rise quickly.

David Popkins (NR). Doing well in a pitcher's league, but will the power pick up when he gets to Springfield?

Alex Reyes (21-40). Has been inconsistent (to be expected) but showing flashes of potential.

Starlin Rodriguez (21-40). Now a centerfielder in Palm Beach. Will the position change revive him?

Ronnie Shaban (21-40). Struggling just a bit.

Robert Stock (NR). This is his first time on the list as a pitcher.

Lee Stoppelman (21-40). Lots of buzz around this lefty. How good can he be?

Jordan Swagerty (21-40). Still shaking off the rust.

Breyvic Valera (20). Dropped mostly because others rose.

Colin Walsh (21-40). Strong comeback in June.

Boone Whiting (21-40). Struggling to stay on this list.

Jacob Wilson (21-40). His OPS is over 1.000 with runners in scoring position - fluke or clutch?

Dropped out

Trevor Rosenthal (3). Graduated

Matt Adams (5). Graduated

Alex Mejia (21-40). No one lauding his defense spells trouble when the bat is weak.

Adam Ehrlich (21-40). You've got to play to stay (on the list).

Adron Chambers (21-40). Speed not enough to keep him on the top 40.

Steve Bean (21-40). Losing valuable development time while on the DL.

Next month, look for more 2013 draftees to play their way on to the list!

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