Cards add extra 2nd-round pick in 2014 draft

Based on their small-market status, the St. Louis Cardinals received an extra draft pick in 2014 though an MLB-driven lottery.

On Wednesday, the results of the second year of Major League Baseball's Competitive Balance Lottery were announced.

The St. Louis Cardinals will receive the third pick in Compensation Round B of the 2014 First-Year Player Draft. Round B follows the regular second round of the draft.

Though the exact pick number will not be determined until next year, we can estimate its placement. In 2013, the third selection of Compensation Round B was 71st overall, carrying a pick value of just under $800,000.

In other words, this extra selection in next year's draft is a very good thing for the Cardinals. This will be the first time the club will be participating, as they were also eligible in 2013, but missed out being chosen in the lottery.

While and the Collective Bargaining Agreement itself have the details, here is a summary of how it works.

MLB devised the Competitive Balance Lottery as one way to help lower revenue and smaller market teams become more competitive.

Via the lottery, the Cardinals received one of 12 available picks for 2014, six each in Round A (after the first round) and Round B.

Teams became eligible if they are among the 10 smallest market teams (St. Louis is 24th of 30 according to Nielsen) or the 10 lowest-revenue teams. The Cards do not qualify in the latter category, being around the 10th highest in revenue (and player payroll).

This year, 14 different teams met one or both criteria of market size and revenue. In addition, any clubs that receive revenue sharing money are added to the Round B lottery. That was one additional team for 2014.

Clubs' chances in the drawing are not equal. They are scaled in inverse won-loss percentage from the previous regular season, so the teams with the poorest records have a better chance of winning the earliest compensation picks.

Of the 15 qualifiers for 2014, 12 organizations received compensation picks and three missed out (as did the other 15 MLB clubs not participating in the process).

Two final points. Even the teams that did not participate might still be able to benefit – because these compensatory picks can be traded. These extra picks may also be forfeited if a participating club signs qualifying free agents this coming off-season.

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