St. Louis Cardinals draft signing strategies

Cardinals scouting director Dan Kantrovitz recaps the 2013 draft from the perspective of the signing deadline, bonus pool management and target signing quantity.

In this third of a five-part exclusive interview series, St. Louis Cardinals director of scouting Dan Kantrovitz delves into draft strategy. He discusses how the organization sets its own artificial signing deadline, the management of bonus pool money, the number of players targeted to get signed each year and much more.


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Coming soon: In future installments, Kantrovitz will take us inside the organization's strategy for the crucial rounds after 10, assessing player value versus bonus expectation, and the approach for selecting high schoolers.

The scouting director will conclude with an explanation of how his scouts establish relationships with players and continue post-draft, how the scouts work with player development as draftees transition into the system and how the scouts are preparing for 2014.

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