Cardinals Dominican Instructional League club

The St. Louis Cardinals are running their annual instructional league camp in the Dominican Republic.

On October 15, the St. Louis Cardinals began a second fall instructional league camp, this one at the organization's Dominican Republic academy. The goals remain the same – to help younger players improve their skills in a teaching environment.

"It is basically a six-week program geared toward a lot of individualized instructional work, similar to what we do here in Jupiter," noted Cardinals director of international operations Moises Rodriguez. "We play a couple of games per week, a lot of intersquads, a lot of repetitions."

At least 37 players, all either new signees or 2013 Dominican Summer League veterans, are participating in the program, which runs through December 1.

"The list consists of mostly Dominican Summer League players," Rodriguez said. "We bring in some of the younger Dominican guys and Venezuelans who played at some of the lower levels here and incorporate them into the program."

Several players not listed below, including catcher Luis Cruz and shortstop Juan Herrera, participated for a few weeks but went home since they also attended US instructs earlier. Infielder Robelys Reyes and outfielder Bladimil Franco are two other players doing instructional league double duty. Reyes, a late arrival to Johnson City this summer, is the only player among the 37 who played in the US in 2013.

"We have instructors go down there and work with the kids," Rodriguez noted. "It also gives the US coaches a little time to get some history behind the players here at the academy for when they travel to Jupiter in the next year or two."

Latin American field coordinator Luis Aguayo and DSL Cardinals manager Fray Peniche are leading the instructional league activities. DSL coaches as well as US-based coaches and coordinators are also spending time working with the young players.

St. Louis Cardinals Dominican Republic Instructional League Roster

Pitchers B T H W DOB Home Team
Sandy Alcantara R R 6-4 162 9/7/1995 Dominican 2014
Juan Alvarez R R 6-4 176 5/28/1996 Dominican 2014
Kerrion Bennett L L 6-2 167 5/28/1996 Nicaragua 2014
Franyel Casadilla R R 6-3 172 4/5/1997 Venezuela 2014
Will Changarotty R R 6-0 164 10/19/1995 Venezuela DSL
Andy De La Cruz L L 6-1 187 8/29/1994 Dominican DSL
Oneiver Diaz R R 6-1 168 8/28/1996 Dominican 2014
Virglio Encarnacion R R 6-2 203 2/8/1992 Dominican DSL
Frendy Gavin L L 6-0 174 9/14/1994 Dominican DSL
Derian Gonzalez R R 6-2 222 1/31/1995 Venezuela DSL
Jose Lara R R 6-2 169 3/26/1994 Dominican DSL
Julio Mateo R R 6-1 184 9/29/1995 Dominican DSL
Yeison Medina R R 6-2 212 10/2/1992 Dominican DSL
David Oca L L 5-8 146 7/4/1995 Venezuela DSL
Ronald Sanchez R R 6-5 165 9/20/1993 Dominican DSL
Rigobert Urena L L 6-3 171 2/8/1995 Dominican DSL
Estaban Vallejo R R 6-4 212 12/9/1993 Dominican DSL
Joshua Lopez R R 5-10 207 3/4/1996 Venezuela DSL
Dennis Ortega R R 6-2 181 6/11/1997 Venezuela 2014
Dionenrys Pena R R 6-1 189 4/20/1995 Dominican DSL
Sergio Ripoll R R 6-0 198 4/16/1994 Colombia DSL
Henry Alvarado R R 6-3 198 1/30/1996 Dominican DSL
Allen Cordoba R R 6-0 172 12/6/1995 Panama DSL
Joaquin De La Cruz R R 6-2 193 10/13/1995 Dominican DSL
Luis Flores S R 6-1 188 10/22/1996 Dominican 2014
Hector Linares R R 6-0 174 1/13/1997 Dominican 2014
Diory Paulino R R 6-0 177 7/13/1994 Dominican DSL
Robelys Reyes S R 5-9 149 7/25/1990 Dominican DSL/JC
Yunior Sanchez S R 5-11 160 6/12/1995 Dominican DSL
Luis Bandes R R 6-1 212 5/15/1996 Venezuela DSL
Ruben Encarnacion R R 6-0 162 6/8/1994 Dominican DSL
Bladimil Franco S R 6-0 197 10/29/1993 Dominican DSL
Andres Luna R R 5-11 175 7/17/1997 Venezuela 2014
Jonathan Rivera R R 6-1 187 4/27/1997 Panama 2014
Carlos Rodriguez R R 6-2 215 1/6/1997 Venezuela 2014
Magneuris Sierra L L 6-0 166 4/7/1996 Dominican DSL
Carlos Talavera S R 6-1 173 9/20/1996 Venezuela 2014

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