Early Cardinals minor league working rosters

How St. Louis Cardinals minor leaguers were organized early in 2014 spring training camp.

After the full complement of St. Louis Cardinals minor leaguers reported to spring training camp two week ago, they joined the two dozen STEP Camp players already on site. Players were organized into working groups represented by the names "Memphis, Springfield, Palm Beach and Peoria 1 and 2" for external games.

However, these are working rosters constantly in flux and are shared for your interest only. Not only are there chain reactions of movement when players are sent down from major league camp, but players are readily shifted across rosters as daily needs occur.

In fact, since these rosters were prepared, three players were reassigned to minor league camp late Monday – pitchers Lee Stoppelman and Tim Cooney and catcher Travis Tartamella. They are not reflected below, but have been added to the Memphis working roster.

The entire purpose of spring training is to enable the competition for full-season roster spots. Anything between now and opening day has to be considered written in pencil.

St. Louis Cardinals working minor league spring training rosters – 3/17/14

Memphis Springfield Palm Beach
Almarante, Jose Baker, Corey Adamek, Brady
Billbrough, Logan  Cuda, Joe Barraclaugh, Kyle
Blair, Seth  Donofrio, Joe Brookshire, Chase*
Castro, Angel Hald, Kyle* De Leon, Victor
Cornelius, Jonathan* Helisek, Kyle* Harris, Mitch
Ferrara, Anthony* Heyer, Kurt Mayers, Mike 
Fornataro, Eric Jones, Cory  McKnight, Blake
Gast, John* (rehab) Lee, Thomas Petree, Nick
Gaviglio, Sam Llorens, Dixon  Polanco, Jhonny
Gonzales, Marco Lucas, Aidan Rauh, Jeff
Greenwood, Nick* Melling, Tyler* Reed, Jimmy*
Kiekhefer, Dean* Miranda, Danny* Reyes, Alex 
Petrick, Zach Nazario, Iden* Scanio, Joe
Whiting, Boone Shaban, Ronnie Tuivailala, Sam 
Wright, Justin* Sherriff, Ryan*  
Wyatt, Heath Stock, Robert  
Perez, Audry Ehrlich, Adam* De Leon, Alex
Rasmus, Casey Montero, Jesus  Kelly, Carson
Stanley, Cody Velazco, Gerwuins Rosenberg, Dante
    Bean, Steve* 
First base     
Rodriguez, Jonathan  Washington, David* Stone, Jake*
Smith, Curt Stienstra, Danny Ringo, Justin*
Albitz, Vance Caldwell, Bruce* Herrera, Juan 
Curtis, Jermaine Mejia, Alex  Katz, Mason
Miclat, Greg  Valera, Breyvic#  Martin, Trevor
Williams, Matt Walsh, Colin# Schulze, Michael*
Wisdom, Patrick Wilson, Jacob  Valera, Cesar
    Vargas, Ildemaro
Melker, Adam* Tilson, Charlie*  Castillo, Ronald
O'Neill, Mike* Garcia, Anthony*  Martini, Nick*
Ortega, Rafael Peoples-Walls, Kenny McElroy, Jr., C.J. 
Pham, Tommy  Popkins, David# Ramos, Steven
Ramsey, James* Rodriguez, Starlin Walton, Jordan*
Swauger, Chris*  Longmire, Nick Wick, Rowan*
Taveras, Oscar*    
* left-handed    
# switch-hitter    

Peoria 1 Peoria 2 Rehab
Aldrete, Mike Escudero, Jonathan Arias, Estarlin
Anderson, Will Farinaro, Steven Baez, Fernando
Gallardo, Steven Foody, Max* Bautista, Juan
Garcia, Silfredo Gerdel, Anderson Booden, Jacob
Grana, Kyle Lee, Brandon* Frey, Nick
Herget, Kevin Lucas, Josh Gonzalez, Fernando
Holback, Michael Martinez, Dailyn Higgins, Blake
Kaminsky, Rob*  Paredes, Norge Jenkins, Tyrell
Lomascolo, Nick* Perez, Dewin* Nielsen, Trey
Loraine, Zach Perez, Juan Perdomo, Luis
McKinney, Ian* Sabatino, Steve* Swagerty, Jordan
Perry, Chris Silva, Isaac*  
Reyes, Arturo   Not in camp
Thomas, Chris   Corrigan, Chris
    Lopez, Stalyn*
    Pierce, Andrew
    Webb, Kyle
Catchers   Rehab
Cruz, Luis  Godoy, Jose* Ripoll, Sergio
Keener, Jonathan Gomez, Jose  
Neil, Charlie# Rodriguez, Elier#  
Castillo, Juan Rodriguez, Frankie  
Schaffer, Jeremy Garcia, Ronnierd  
Voit, Luke Ustariz, Jesus  
Altobelli, J.J. Pina, Leobaldo  
Collymore, Malik Reyes, Robelys#  
Medina, Rafael Rivera, Chris  
Mercado, Oscar  Sosa, Edmundo  
Pedroza, Richie# Wiley, Brett*  
Outfield   Rehab
Bosco, Jimmy* Acevedo, Jhohan Lacy, Devante
Bryan, Vaughn# Asbury-Heath, DeAndre  
Gil, Ronny# Bautista, Ricardo*  
Jeffries Jr., Lance Perez, Luis  
Young, Matthew Ray, Anthony*  
* left-handed    
# switch-hitter    

There are also others currently working on rehabbing in Jupiter or elsewhere. In other articles, I have provided the injury status of several to date and hope to share more on many of the others soon.

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