Cards spring news from Jupiter: 03/18/14

Brian Walton's Tuesday notes from St. Louis Cardinals spring training camp in Jupiter, Florida.

Tuesday in Jupiter, Florida began with considerable rainfall at daybreak. By the time the minor leaguers assembled for their 9 AM morning briefing, the precipitation had stopped. Though the skies remain gray, it is moderating the temperature, which isn't all bad.

Minor league field coordinator Mark DeJohn (clipboard) addresses the players

No rest for rehabbers
Though the major leaguers are not playing and excused Tuesday, rehabbing does not take a day off. This morning, Jaime Garcia was among those in the training room getting treatment.

Red always ready
91-year-old Red Schoendienst stopped by camp as well. I wonder if he ever takes a day off.

Minor league starting lineups for Tuesday
Memphis and Springfield will bus to Port St. Lucie to take on their Mets counterparts. Palm Beach and Peoria 1 remain home to do the same. Peoria 2 has no game on Tuesday.

At this point, I have only one starting lineup, but the entire pitching schedule follows. I will add other lineups during the day if/as I get them. Note that Oscar Taveras is scheduled to start for Memphis in right field.

As soon as I posted the above, I learned that neither the Cards nor Mets will travel due to wet grounds. Instead, Memphis will play Springfield and Palm Beach will take on Peoria at Jupiter. In a twist to maximize the competition level, all pitchers will face their own team's hitters, so the Memphis pitchers will throw against the Memphis hitters, etc.

Good news for us who already planned to stay behind!

Memphis Pos Springfield Pos
O'Neill DH Tilson 8
Ramsey 8 B Valera DH
Taveras 9 Wilson 5
Smith EH Washington 3
Rodriguez 1B Longmire 7
Melker 7 Walsh 4
Wisdom 5 Popkins 9
Miclat  6 Caldwell EH
Williams 4 Mejia 6
Rasmus 2 Montero 2
Pitchers   Innings/pitches  
Whiting 3/45 Heyer 3/45
Wyatt 2/35 Melling 2/35
Fornataro 1/25 Baker 1/25
Stoppelman 1/25 Nazario  1/25
Billbrough 1/25 Llorens 1/25
Kiekhefer   Donofrio 1-2/35
Side sessions      
Memphis   Springfield  
Cornelius   Hald  
Gaviglio   Helisek  
Cooney   Jones  
    T. Lee  

Palm Beach Pos Peoria Pos
Ramos 8 Bosco 8
Vargas  4 Mercado 6
Kelly  2 Cruz 2
R Castillo 7 Voit 3
Ringo 3 Neil  DH
Martini 9 Perez 7
C Valera 6 Altobelli 5
A DeLeon DH Pedroza 4
Schulze 5 Jeffries 9
Pitchers   Innings/pitches  
Reed 3/45 Kaminsky 3/45
Holback 2/35 Ar. Reyes 2/35
Rauh 1/25 J. Lucas 1/25
Polanco 1/25 B. Lee 1/25
Grana 1/25 Gallardo 1/25
Scanio 1-2/35 Lomoscolo 1-2/35
Side sessions      
Palm Beach   Peoria  
Brookshire   Herget  
Petree   Perry  

Velo time
Velocities from some of Tuesday's pitchers.

Pitcher Fb Other Ps Notes
Reed 86-87 76 Gave up HR to R Castillo
Kaminsky 88-92 cb 77-78 K'd Cruz on 3 straight curves
Whiting 88-92 79-80 Lives on high fastballs
Arturo Reyes 89-90 c/up 83  
Holback 87-89 78-79  
Baker  87-91 78-80 Hung slider to Longmire (HR)
Rauh 90-91 78  
J Lucas 86-89    
Billbrough 88-89 79  
Polanco 93-94 72-73 Yielded Martini triple
Nazario 89-90 77 Touched 92, HR by S Rodriguez
Grana 90-91    
Llorens 86-88    
Gallardo 91-92    
Fornataro 94-96   Hardest thrower of the day
Scanio 90-91   Deceptive 3/4 delivery
Lomascolo 86-88    
Stoppelman 87-88   Just down from MLB camp

P.S. In the table above, I initially forgot Kurt Heyer, who threw 89-92 and touched 94.

My miscellaneous musings

Check back after the games for my random insights.

The sun was out, but wind was blowing out on both fields – to left for the Memphis-Springfield game and to right for Palm Beach-Peoria. The temp was in the low 80's, I would guess - pretty comfortable.

Chris Carpenter was on the back fields with his grade school-aged son and daughter. Carp watched several innings with farm director Gary LaRocque, focusing primarily on the younger players.

Memphis RF Oscar Taveras doubled off Boone Whiting and grounded out 4-3 on a Heath Wyatt changeup in the only two at-bats I saw. As opposed to Monday, when he batted second every inning, in this game, he was in the number three spot in the lineup. Taveras seemed to be moving more normally on the bases than the day before, but that would not be difficult.

I spoke with an excited Tyrell Jenkins. The right-hander, our 11th-ranked Cardinals prospect, told me that he threw his first 50-pitch bullpen today and is targeting a return for early-to-mid May.

Though I mentioned that lefty Jimmy Reed yielded a home run to Ronald Castillo, he also showed a nice move, picking off a baserunner between second and third.

Speaking of Castillo, the outfielder is drawing raves in camp. He may have hit a second home run on Tuesday, but I did not see it. The first was a line drive. Check the blog this evening for the line scores.

Underrated infielder Matt Williams hit a one-hopper off the left-field fence against Whiting, a pitcher who was in major league camp last week.

Third baseman Patrick Wisdom launched a double into the left-field corner.

Nick Longmire touched off a Corey Baker slider for a two-run home run to left field.

Though I mentioned it in the pitching section, any time I see a triple, I like to make note of it. Nick Martini blasted a Jhonny Polanco pitch into the right-center gap and motored to third.

Starlin Rodriguez made two highlight plays in consecutive half innings. The second baseman-turned-outfielder launched a home run to left against Iden Nazario. Then, on defense, he made a spectacular running, diving catch on the warning track in the deepest part of center with his back to the plate to rob Jonathan Rodriguez of extra bases.

Working rosters for all five groupings were posted in a separate article Tuesday morning.

Link to Monday's spring training news from Jupiter

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More to come this week...

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