Matheny's quick hitters – Thursday, April 24

Summarizing Cardinals manager Mike Matheny's comments before and after his club's Thursday New York finale.

Pre-game remarks

On Lance Lynn-Tony Cruz battery: Sense of comfort when had success. Good tempo going. Bonus that Yadier Molina gets off day game after night game. Good to get Yadi a bit of a rest.

On slumping Jhonny Peralta, whose last hit was seven games ago: He is frustrated like you or I or anyone else would be. Still the new guy on the new team. Have seen it (success) many years and will see it again. Day off is opportunity to get as many swings in the cage as he wants. Also opportunity for Daniel Descalso to remain sharp. Had a big at-bat last night.

On whether the steroids issue is adding to the slump: I don't sense any of the other stuff. He wants to help the team win. May hear one fan when there are few in stands but that is about it. He is pressing for his team. Sometimes less is more. When they come, they come in bunches. He knows he needs to put consistent at-bats together. Seeing some at-bats when he is trying to force. When struggling, some players change approach. Swing at first pitch, sit back and see a few pitches, etc.

Wondering if he will ever get big hit period. He knows himself better than us. Very introverted, but great teammate. Coaches trying to do better job to help him. Says all the right things. They ask for feedback, but don't get a lot. He just wants to play and do his job. Coaches can feel hopeless when they don't know which buttons to push.

On pitchers using substances to get a better grip: Not here to make statement about the topic of the day. Work within the rules for guys to keep grip on the ball. Rules are rules. If you change them, someone will try to take advantage. There are ways to it within the rules – blow on hands for moisture, sweat on bill of cap, etc. Everybody has to make decisions for themselves.

On Wednesday night weather: Tough pitching night. Tough baseball night.

On Tony La Russa's longevity: Incredible to stay in the game as long as he did in one organization, with the success he had. How he adapted amazes me.

On current situation: Create consistent environment. Stay true to process. Hard hit balls, good approaches at plate. (Struggles) will continue longer if they wear it on sleeves. Close to taking off as a team.

Post-game remarks

On winning pitcher Bartolo Colon: Colon had good sink. Put good swings on him early. He got better as he went along.

On Lance Lynn: Was pretty good. Had some deep counts early. Got outs when needed. Allowed only four hits. Pretty good outing. Amplified when not putting up runs. Main job (for starters) is to give us a chance. We ask that and they are doing it.

On offense: Had opportunities, but not playing like we'd like to play - solid defense, making plays. Some grinding out of at-bats, but not enough. Guys not wanting to make mistakes at times instead of being aggressive. We will play sharper games.

On road trip: Started good in Milwaukee against hottest team in MLB. Left one on the table in Washington on last day. Almost stole one here. Whatever reason have had tough time here the last few visits.

On long homerless streak: First I have heard of it. I don't care about it.

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