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What You're Looking At

These are my rankings: how I would pick the players and not my best approximation of industry consensus. In most cases, those are basically the same, but there are some spots where I differ with the popular opinion. Fans drastically underrate how much difference there is on draft boards from team-to-team, so no matter how wacky or spot on you think one of my rankings are, I can guarantee there's at least a few teams with me and against me on each one.

I also don't factor in signability, even though there are some players on this list that are considered unsignable where I and the industry have them rated, which I will note below. I take industry consensus and signability into consideration, along with other things that aren't factors for this list, for mock drafts; see the links above for those.

The position I list is their projected pro fit (different than their amateur position in many cases) and in the case where I list two positions (like C/1B for Kyle Schwarber) that's when I think they'll play both positions in the big leagues. Where I denote both a pitcher and hitter position, that means it isn't clear which position is their best long-term fit.

This list pulls together from thee standalone rankings (The Scout 291, More College Prospects & More High School Prospects) to give you one page to check on draft day and I've added a column to show where/if players have been drafted, so you can follow along easily. There are 748 total prospects listed here, roughly how many you'd see on a team's draft board, but I'll address below why some of the names differ.

This Year's Talent

This year's class doesn't have the impact upside at the top of the draft as in recent years. #1 prospect Brady Aiken isn't a slam dunk to go first, as the Astros are among the teams that are wary of high school pitching with the top picks in the draft. Aiken, Rodon and Jackson, my top 3 prospects, would all go in the top 10 of any draft, but in a stronger year may all go from 5-10 and maybe only 2 of them would go in the top 5 in the last few years.

'14 Draft Schedule
June 5: Rounds 1-2, Starts at 6 PM EST
June 6: Rounds 3-10, Starts at 1 PM EST
June 7: Rounds 11-40, Starts at 1 PM EST

While you'll hear pundits or even executives say on the record this draft is deep in the middle rounds or doesn't have the depth they'd like to see, the fact is almost every draft is basically the same in overall talent once you get outside of the top 10-20 prospects. Drafts are defined and graded by the top-end talent and All-Stars that they produce and those overwhelmingly come from the top 10 picks. 2014 will likely go down as an average at best crop for this reason, but to think even an experienced scout could think about a couple draft classes and tell you with some certainty that this year is deeper in the 2nd-3rd rounds and that actually be predictive of something you could see in the career numbers of player from this draft 10 years from now is pretty ridiculous.

How Teams Use The Draft Board

Having been in a few draft rooms in the past, I wanted to make something that can give the reader an experience a little closer to what scouts are seeing when they're making their decisions. Most teams have 700-750 players total on the board, ranking the top 60-100 players in order, those that are top 4-5 round prospects for them. The clubs essentially draft the best available player off that list until they're all gone. That's usually 5-6 rounds and there's obviously some signability considerations that go into these decisions, especially these days with a fixed spending limit for every team.

The rest of the board is normally split into two section: the positional area and the signability area. The positional area is just the other signable players that have been turned in/recommended by scouts, organized by position and ranked within that position. Once you get to the 7th-10th rounds, the decision makers usually know which players at the tops of these positional rankings they want to target. As a reader, using these rankings is similar to the straightforward way that clubs used them in the draft up until the new CBA a few years ago.

1st-Round Picks and Allotments
1. Astros: $7.92 million
2. Marlins: $6.82 million
3. White Sox: $5.72 million
4. Cubs: $4.62 million
5. Twins: $3.85 million
6. Mariners: $3.57 million
7. Phillies: $3.30 million
8. Rockies: $3.19 million
9. Blue Jays: $3.08 million
10. Mets: $2.97 million
11. Blue Jays: $2.88 million
12. Brewers: $2.80 million
13. Padres: $2.72 million
14. Giants: $2.61 million
15. Angels: $2.47 million
16. D'backs: $2.33 million
17. Royals: $2.20 million
18. Nationals: $2.14 million
19. Reds: $2.09 million
20. Rays: $2.03 million
21. Indians: $2.00 million
22. Dodgers: $1.98 million
23. Tigers: $1.95 million
24. Pirates: $1.92 million
25. A's: $1.89 million
26. Red Sox: $1.87 million
27. Cardinals: $1.84 million
28. Royals: $1.81 million
29. Reds: $1.78 million
30. Rangers: $1.76 million
31. Indians: $1.73 million
32. Braves: $1.70 million
33. Red Sox: $1.67 million
34. Cardinals: $1.65 million
35. Rockies: $1.61 million
36. Marlins: $1.57 million
37. Astros: $1.53 million
38. Indians: $1.49 million
39. Pirates: $1.45 million
40. Royals: $1.42 million
41. Brewers: $1.38 million

These players on the positional lists are usually signable for slot or close to slot at these picks, although with the current system, many teams will try to save money for other picks with $10,000 bonuses (or even lower in the top 10 rounds to save money in their pool. The bonus pools are tied to the top 10 rounds, so if a team wants to overspend to get some of their targets in early rounds (or after the 10th round), then they'll essentially take their 11th-15th round targets in the 6th-10th rounds, sign them for small bonuses to conserve pool space, then hope some of those 6th-10th round talents last until the 11th round. Since the opinions of players start to diverge after the 5th round, this often happens, and if those players want a bonus over $10,000 but under $100,000, some of them will fall outside of the top 10 rounds. Any bonus of $100,000 or less after the 10th round doesn't count toward your pool, but inside of the top 10 rounds, it does. Once you get outside the top 15 rounds, the positional lists for each club will differ greatly and you could go 5-10 picks in the 20th round without a player on your board getting selected.

Signability Explained

This is the reason why my list of 748 is different than the 748 that may show up on another team's board. I list purely on talent, with no consideration for signability. Where I have the last 100 prep players in the list below, each team will have 100 college players (mostly seniors) and junior college players that will sign for $100,000 or less. The prep players are more "talented" and would be picked ahead of those college players if they would sign for that kind of bonus, but nearly all of them would pass on that offer to go to school and hopefully make much more (and get an education). Since I'm not trying to find all of these $100,000 and lower college types, I won't even have some top 7-10 round draftees even listed here among the 748 names, but the goal is to have all the players that receive bonuses over $250,000 listed here (though I'll miss some of them, too).

The positional rankings are pretty easy to understand, even if the strategy behind which order to draft them in the current draft system is a little complicated. If you like complicated, then you'll love the signability section. Every team in baseball has some form of this on their draft board; a player that is a tough sign for what his talent is, most of them giving a firm number that's something the team would consider, but their willingness to pay ranges from possibly to unlikely.

There are some guys that are positioned near the top of this board that are targets and the price isn't that out of line with their talent, but the willingness of other teams to meet his price is perceived as low, so the player should at least go unpicked through the first few rounds. With that slide in mind, he's an over-slot bonus candidate, thus he ends up in this area of the board, even if the club isn't that scared off by the price tag.

Those few players are joined by a bunch of high school players that want hundreds of thousands more than the team would like to pay them, but there are scenarios where the team will draft that player, or his talent is clearly in the top 5 rounds, so he's on the board. At the end of the draft, there would be something like 20-30 signability players left on the board and probably fewer of from the positional area leftover. A couple of those positional players leftover may be undrafted free agent signs, particularly for clubs with three short season teams and thus more holes to fill via the draft.

Signability Denotations

The way I tried to simulate this signability board for you guys is with a denote and note system. In the top 150 picks, there's a number of player that may not sign if taken in the corresponding top 150 picks, so I underline their names in the board to denote them, then write a quick note on their specific situation up here. I tried a few different ways of doing this, but since each situation is unique, it was hard to make a simple system that explained it effectively. I'll obviously miss some of these signability guys since players' demands aren't made public, but the most notable ones or players with the biggest gap between talent and asking price are teh ones I'm trying to capture here.

I say the top 150, because once you get beyond that, the draft bonuses are under $325,000 and not that many high school players end up signing for bonuses below that. So, almost any prep player ranked 151-291 is a signability issue, but it wouldn't help much if I just underline every player, so I've only done that for players known to want seven figures, or close enough to seven figures that they're basically considered unsignable for what the industry thinks their talent is.

Here's some quick notes on the players in the top 150 and what their rumored demands are:

Total Draft Pools By Team
1. Astros: $13,362,200
2. Marlins: $12,741,700
3. White Sox: $9,509,700
4. Blue Jays: $9,458,500
5. Royals: $8,602,900
6. Cubs: $8,352,200
7. Rockies: $8,347,300
8. Indians: $8,234,100
9. Brewers: $7,605,600
10. Twins: $7,525,600
11. D'backs: $7,228,300
12. Cardinals: $7,087,200
13. Pirates: $7,063,700
14. Reds: $6,973,400
15. Phillies: $6,896,700
16. Mariners: $6,767,900
17. Red Sox: $6,373,300
18. Padres: $6,098,600
19. Giants: $5,949,800
20. Rays: $5,848,400
21. Angels: $5,774,000
22. Mets: $5,308,300
23. Nationals: $5,275,700
24. Dodgers: $4,947,700
25. Tigers: $4,890,200
26. Rangers: $4,820,700
27. A's: $4,778,300
28. Braves: $4,557,700
29. Yankees: $3,202,300
30. Orioles: $2,204,400

28. Bukauskas - He asked teams not to be drafted and has said all along the reason he re-classified from the 2015 class last fall was to get to UNC quicker, so teams believe he's truly unsignable at any number. He may go undrafted through all 40 rounds despite 1st round talent.

52. Flaherty - He has a 1st round signability number but is widely expected to get that money in an over-slot bonus from one of the interested teams in picks 25-40

63. Marshall & 110. Bradley - Marshall faded down the stretch and apparently won't be an easy sign even if he goes in the top 50 picks as it sounded like he might a month or two in the past. He went so far as to say publicly that he'd only sign if taken in the first round. Some scouts turned him in as a 3rd-4th rounder and buzz is building that he'll get to LSU. It also sounds like over 50% likely that Bradley gets to campus if teams have him in teh 3rd-4th round as most do. #119 Godfrey is also in that 3rd-4th round area but a less-than-stellar spring may get all three of them to Baton Rouge, which would be a clean sweep getting the whole class in school.

66. McKinney - He apparently wants over $1 million (the last 7 figure slot is at pick 56) and I have him ranked a little higher than most teams, so the belief is he'll go to Arkansas.

75. Cederoth - Teams are all over the map on him and he wants 7 figures, though I'm guessing someone will pay him.

80. Cease - The Vandy commit will likely get Tommy John surgery and is a 6'1 righty, but he hit 100 mph on some guns early in the year and the belief is he'll get and accept a 7 figure offer, though it isn't a sure thing.

104. Connaughton - I'm told he wants to return to Notre Dame next year to play basketball for his senior year, possibly looking at a pro hoops career even if he signs. That, along with an inconsistent spring understandably scares some teams off.

109. Weisenberg, 163. Carter & 240. Summerville - Three Stanford commits that should get to campus like over 95% of Stanford commits from the last 10 years. All three have either asked scouts not to draft them (Carter) or set numbers at or over $1 million that almost certainly won't get met (Weisenberg & Summerville). I assume another ranked Cardinal commit, #248 Colton Hock, won't be an easy sign either, but I haven't heard that specifically.

127. Bouchard & 153. Nix - Two UCLA commits that flashed top 2-3 round talent over the summer but had rough springs, have high demands and likely get to school.

131. Johnson - His dad is a pitching coach in the Blue Jays system and he doesn't have an advisor, so scouts have little feel for his signability, but after a really rough spring, the expectation is he'll need 7 figures to pass up going to Florida State and that may be steep even for Toronto.

144. Ramirez - He was lightly scouted this spring as he's a solid top 5 round talent but wants 7 figures; he should be an instant impact freshman at N.C. State.

164. Haseley & 200. Smith - Two Florida kids committed to Virginia, another school notorious for getting their recruits on campus. Both are solid top 3-4 round talents that are priced north of that and are expected to get to campus.

249. Alvarado - Puerto Rican is long, lanky and young for the class, but insists on hitting, where he's an ordinary prospect, instead of pitching, where his levers work for him and he's up to 94. He's signed with Nebraska and isn't an easy sign, so if the Huskers staff can get across to him that his future is on the mound, he could be a top 3 round guy in 3 years.

171. Depperman, 173. Guthrie, 182. Baca, 197. Johnson, 207. Smith, 227. Wright, 278, Mahomes - A roundup of seven figure or close-to-it demands likely to land these players, respectively, at North Florida, Florida, Arizona State, Georgia Tech, Miami, Vanderbilt and Texas Tech. Mahomes is an outfielder and pitcher, son of former big leaguer Pat Mahomes and also is signed to play QB for the Red Raiders.

Draft Demographics

Fresh from the graphics department, I have some demographics of the 291 rankings and of the full 748 names listed that I wanted to share. Here's two of them (there's two more below) that show the most players in the top 291 by state and the college with the most commits from the top 291 (or a top 5 round grade):

And finally, no comprehensive set of draft tools would be complete without the only way to properly celebrate during draft season...or any other time of the year:

Note: I've added the draft position for all players drafted in the top 10 rounds and any draft info for players from the top 291. For anyone asking if I'm surprised/embarrased about "missing" one, I'm not since it's either a signability issue or disagreement in the evaluation that accounts for big gaps between my ranking and where the player went; this is my ranking not an attempt to guess the industry consensus.

School Commit Drafted
1. Brady Aiken
Cathedral Catholic HS (CA) UCLA
1-1 HOU
2. Carlos Rodon
North Carolina State ---
1-3 CHW
3. Alex Jackson
Rancho Bernardo HS (CA) Oregon
1-6 SEA
4. Nick Gordon
Olympia HS (FL) Florida State
1-5 MIN
5. Aaron Nola
LSU ---
1-7 PHI
6. Tyler Kolek
Shepherd HS (TX) TCU
1-2 MIA
7. Jeff Hoffman
East Carolina ---
1-9 TOR
8. Max Pentecost
Kennesaw State ---
1-11 TOR
9. Trea Turner
North Carolina State ---
1-13 SD
10. Brad Zimmer
San Francisco ---
1-21 CLE
11. Grant Holmes
Conway HS (SC) Florida
1-22 LA
12. Touki Toussaint
Coral Springs Christian HS (FL) Vanderbilt
1-16 ARZ
13. Sean Newcomb
Hartford ---
1-15 LAA
14. Michael Conforto
Oregon State ---
1-10 NYM
15. Brandon Finnegan
TCU ---
1-17 KC
16. Forrest Wall
Orangewood Christian HS (FL) North Carolina
1-35 COL
17. Derek Hill
Elk Grove HS (CA) Oregon
1-23 DET
18. Kyle Schwarber
Indiana ---
1-4 CHC
19. Michael Chavis
Sprayberry HS (GA) Clemson
1-26 BOS
20. Alex Blandino
Stanford ---
1-29 CIN
21. Sean Reid-Foley
Sandalwood HS (FL) Florida State
2-49 TOR
22. Tyler Beede
Vanderbilt ---
1-14 SF
23. Nick Howard
Virginia ---
1-19 CIN
24. Luis Ortiz
Sanger HS (CA) Fresno State
1-30 TEX
25. Derek Fisher
Virginia ---
1-37 HOU
26. Braxton Davidson
T.C. Roberson HS (NC) North Carolina
1-32 ATL
27. Jacob Bukauskas
Stone Bridge HS (VA) North Carolina
20-600 ARZ
28. Ti'Quan Forbes
Columbia HS (MS) Ole Miss
2-59 TEX
29. Foster Griffin
First Academy HS (FL) Ole Miss
1-28 KC
30. Michael Kopech
Mount Pleasant HS (TX) Arizona
1-33 BOS
31. Kyle Freeland
Evansville ---
1-8 COL
32. Erick Fedde
UNLV ---
1-18 WSH
33. Casey Gillaspie
Wichita State ---
1-20 TB
34. Spencer Adams
White County HS (GA) Georgia
2-44 CHW
35. Aramis Garcia
Florida International ---
2-52 SF
36. Kodi Medeiros
Waiakea HS (HI) Pepperdine
1-12 MIL
37. Brian Anderson
Arkansas ---
3-76 MIA
38. Chase Vallot
St. Thomas More HS (LA) Mississippi State
1-40 KC
39. A.J. Reed
Kentucky ---
2-42 HOU
40. Alex Verdugo
Sahuaro HS (AZ) Arizona State
2-62 LA
41. Mike Papi
Virginia ---
1-38 CLE
42. Milton Ramos
American Heritage HS (FL) Florida Atlantic
3-84 NYM
43. Josh Morgan
Orange Lutheran HS (CA) UCLA
3-95 TEX
44. Matt Chapman
Cal State Fullerton ---
1-25 OAK
45. Zech Lemond
Rice ---
3-86 SD
46. Marcus Wilson
Junipero Serra HS (CA) Arizona State
2-69 ARZ
47. Justus Sheffield
Tullahoma HS (TN) Vanderbilt
1-31 CLE
48. Michael Gettys
Gainesville HS (GA) Georgia
2-51 SD
49. Monte Harrison
Lee's Summit West HS (MO) Nebraska (FB)
2-50 MIL
50. Jacob Gatewood
Clovis HS (CA) USC
1-41 MIL
51. Scott Blewett
Charles W. Baker HS (NY) St. John's
2-56 KC
52. Jack Flaherty
Harvard Westlake HS (CA) North Carolina
1-34 STL
53. J.J. Schwarz
Palm Beach Gardens HS (FL) Florida
17-506 MIL
54. Austin DeCarr
Salisbury HS (CT) Clemson
3-91 NYY
55. Luke Weaver
Florida State ---
1-27 STL
56. Matt Railey
North Florida Christian HS (FL) Florida State
3-89 ARZ
57. Cameron Varga
Cincinnati Hills Christian HS (OH) North Carolina
2-60 TB
58. Matt Imhof
Cal Poly ---
2-47 PHI
59. Ronnie Williams
American HS (FL) Florida A&M
2-68 STL
60. Nick Burdi
Louisville ---
2-46 MIN
61. Daniel Gossett
Clemson ---
2-65 OAK
62. Spencer Turnbull
Alabama ---
2-63 DET
63. Mac Marshall
Parkview HS (GA) LSU
21-616 HOU
64. Carson Sands
North Florida Christian HS (FL) Florida State
4-109 CHC
65. Jakson Reetz
Norris HS (NE) Nebraska
3-93 WSH
66. Keaton McKinney
Ankeny Centennial HS (IA) Arkansas
28-835 NYM
67. Mitch Keller
Xavier HS (IA) North Carolina
2-64 PIT
68. Evan Skoug
Libertyville HS (IL) TCU
34-1024 WSH
69. Eric Skoglund
UCF ---
3-92 KC
70. Grayson Greiner
South Carolina ---
3-99 DET
71. Jordan Luplow
Fresno State ---
3-100 PIT
72. Austin Byler
Nevada ---
9-274 WSH
73. Gareth Morgan
Blyth Academy HS (CAN) North Carolina State
2-74 SEA
74. Turner Larkins
Martin HS (TX) Texas A&M
28-836 MIL
75. Michael Cederoth
San Diego State ----
3-79 MIN
76. Sam Travis
Indiana ---
2-67 BOS
77. Jacob Lindgren
Mississippi State ---
2-55 NYY
78. Cody Reed
Ardmore HS (AL) Vanderbilt
2-54 ARZ
79. Joey Gatto
St. Augustine HS (NJ) North Carolina
2-53 LAA
80. Dylan Cease
Milton HS (GA) Vanderbilt
6-169 CHC
81. Jake Stinnett
Maryland ---
2-45 CHC
82. Trace Loehr
Putnam HS (OR) Oregon State
6-192 OAK
83. Grant Hockin
Damien HS (CA) UCLA
2-61 CLE
84. Austin Gomber
Florida Atlantic ---
4-135 STL
85. Jeren Kendall
Holmen HS (WI) Vanderbilt
86. Chad Sobotka
South Carolina Upstate ---
4-133 ATL
87. Trey Supak
La Grange HS (TX) Houston
2-73 PIT
88. Bryce Montes De Oca
Lawrence HS (KS) Missouri
14-408 CHW
89. Andrew Suarez
Miami ---
2-57 WSH
90. Brett Graves
Missouri ---
3-101 OAK
91. Tate Blackman
Lake Brantley HS (FL) Ole Miss
20-596 MIL
92. Connor Joe
San Diego ---
1-39 PIT
93. Taylor Sparks
UC Irvine ---
2-58 CIN
94. Chris Oliver
Arkansas ---
4-112 PHI
95. Chris Ellis
Ole Miss ---
3-88 LAA
96. Blake Bivens
George Washington HS (VA) Liberty
4-127 TB
97. Aaron Brown
Pepperdine ---
3-81 PHI
98. Dylan Davis
Oregon State ---
3-87 SF
99. Cole Tucker
Mountain Pointe HS (AZ) Arizona
1-24 PIT
100. Greg Allen
San Diego State ---
6-188 CLE
101. Ryan Castellani
Brophy HS (AZ) Arizona State
2-48 COL
102. James Norwood
St. Louis ---
7-199 CHC
103. Brandon Downes
Virginia ---
7-213 KC
104. Pat Connaughton
Notre Dame ---
4-121 BAL
105. Jordan Brink
Fresno State ---
11-319 CHC
106. Garrett Fulenchek
Howe HS (TX) Dallas Baptist
2-66 ATL
107. Luke Dykstra
Westlake HS (CA) Fresno State
7-223 ATL
108. Lane Thomas
Bearden HS (TN) Tennessee
5-144 TOR
109. Keith Weisenberg
Osceola HS (FL) Stanford
38-1134 TOR
110. Bobby Bradley
Harrison Central HS (MS) LSU
3-97 CLE
111. Nick Wells
Battlefield HS (VA) Charleston
3-83 TOR
112. Mark Zagunis
Virginia Tech ---
3-78 CHC
113. Rhys Hoskins
Sacramento State ---
5-142 PHI
114. Mitch Hart
Granite Bay HS (CA) USC
35-1048 SF
115. Austin Slater
Stanford ---
8-238 SF
116. Derick Velazquez
Fresno State ---
7-196 HOU
117. David Peterson
Regis Jesuit HS (CO) Oregon
28-854 BOS
118. Bryan Dobzanski
Delsea Regional HS (NJ) Louisville
29-885 STL
119. Jake Godfrey
Providence Catholic HS (IL) LSU
21-643 ATL
120. Jace Fry
Oregon State ----
3-77 CHW
121. K.J. Harrison
Punahou HS (HI) Oregon State
25-758 CLE
122. Wyatt Strahan
USC ---
3-94 CIN
123. Jake Cosart
Seminole JC (FL) None
3-103 BOS
124. Michael Mader
Chipola JC (FL) Florida State
3-105 MIA
125. Devon Fisher
Western Branch HS (VA) Virginia
20-614 BOS
126. J.D. Davis
Cal State Fullerton ---
3-75 HOU
127. Sean Bouchard
Cathedral Catholic HS (CA) UCLA
128. Sam Coonrod
Southern Illinois ---
5-148 SF
129. Trenton Kemp
Buchanan HS (CA) Fresno State
15-464 BOS
130. Cam Bishop
Brea HS (CA) UC Irvine
32-960 ARZ
131. Cobi Johnson
Mitchell HS (FL) Florida State
35-1047 SD
132. Shane Mardirosian
King HS (CA) UC Santa Barbara
7-215 CIN
133. Heath Fillmyer
Mercer County JC (NJ) None
5-162 OAK
134. Taylor Gushue
Florida ---
4-131 PIT
135. A.J. Vanegas
Stanford ---
11-339 LA
136. Roy Morales
Colegio Angel David HS (PR) La Salle
12-347 MIA
137. Carl Chester
Lake Brantley HS (FL) Miami
38-1136 MIL
138. Robbie Dickey
Blinn JC (TX) Texas State
4-124 WSH
139. Daniel Mengden
Texas A&M ---
4-106 HOU
140. Sam Howard
Georgia Southern ---
3-82 COL
141. Colin Welmon
Loyola Marymount ---
34-1031 PIT
142. Patrick Weigel
Oxnard JC (CA) Houston
22-656 MIL
143. Raphael Ramirez
Pace Academy HS (GA) North Carolina State
18-535 NYM
144. Isan Diaz
Springfield Central HS (MA) Vanderbilt
2-70 ARZ
145. Keaton Steele
Missouri ---
8-230 MIN
146. Andrew Karp
West Orange HS (FL) Florida State
147. Tylor Megill
Los Alamitos HS (CA) Loyola Marymount
148. Jordan Foley
Central Michigan ---
5-152 NYY
149. Adam Ravanelle
Vanderbilt ---
4-130 DET
150. Jeremy Rhoades
Illnois State ---
4-119 LAA
151. Brandon Bonilla
Grand Canyon ---
25-751 BAL
152. Jacob Nix
Los Alamitos HS (CA) UCLA
5-136 HOU
153. Justin Steele
George County HS (MS) Southern Mississippi
5-139 CHC
154. Alex Faedo
Alonso HS (FL) Florida
40-1210 DET
155. Tommy Doyle
Flint Hill HS (VA) Virginia
35-1054 WSH
156. Jared Ruxer
Louisville ---
12-359 LAA
157. Nigel Nootbaar
USC ---
12-361 BAL
158. Luke Bonfield
IMG Academy HS (FL) Arkansas
21-625 NYM
159. Alexis Pantojas
PR Baseball Academy Alabama State
9-278 CLE
160. Derek Casey
Hanover HS (VA) Virginia
22-675 STL
161. Brandon Woodruff
Mississippi State ---
11-326 MIL
162. Ryan Butler
Charlotte ---
7-207 SD
163. Bryce Carter
Cascia Hall HS (OK) Stanford
40-1197 SD
164. Adam Haseley
First Academy HS (FL) Virginia
165. Scott Hurst
Bishop Amat HS (CA) Cal St. Fullerton
166. Stone Garrett
George Ranch HS (TX) Rice
8-227 MIA
167. Casey Soltis
Granada HS (CA) Oregon
5-137 MIA
168. Micah Miniard
Boyle County HS (KY) Western Kentucky
8-248 CLE
169. Zach Shannon
Anderson HS (OH) Ohio State
170. D.J. Peters
Glendora HS (CA) Cal St. Fullerton
36-1069 CHC
171. Brad Depperman
East Lake HS (FL) North Florida
31-919 CHC
172. Roberto Gonzalez
University HS (FL) Miami-Dade JC (FL)
15-440 MIN
173. Dalton Guthrie
Venice HS (FL) Florida
40-1190 MIN
174. Justin Twine
Falls City HS (TX) TCU
2-43 MIA
175. Joe Dunand
Gulliver Prep HS (FL) North Carolina State
35-1058 CLE
176. Shane Benes
Westminster Christian HS (MO) Missouri
177. Grayson Jones
Shelton State JC (AL) None
14-428 CLE
178. Jose Trevino
Oral Roberts ---
6-186 TEX
179. Anfernee Seymour
Elev8 Academy HS (FL) State College JC (FL)
7-197 MIA
180. Simeon Lucas
Grant Community HS (IL) Illinois State
7-218 CLE
181. Matt Morgan
Thorsby HS (AL) Alabama
4-114 TOR
182. Tucker Baca
North Gwinnett HS (GA) Arizona State
32-973 ATL
183. Garrett Cave
South Sumter HS (FL) Florida International
17-512 NYY
184. Karsten Whitson
Florida ---
11-344 BOS
185. Tyler Humphreys
St. John's River JC (FL) Florida Southern
7-210 ARZ
186. Todd Isaacs
American Heritage HS (FL) Palm Beach State JC (FL)
22-654 TOR
187. Scott Williams
State College JC (FL) None
11-336 TEX
188. Zach Thompson
Texas-Arlington ---
5-138 CHW
189. Cre Finfrock
Martin County HS (FL) UCF
26-776 MIL
190. Logan Webb
Rocklin HS (CA) Cal Poly
4-118 SF
191. Dillon Peters
Texas ---
10-287 MIA
192. Jeff Brigham
Washington ---
4-129 LA
193. Braden Webb
Owasso HS (OK) South Carolina
194. Shane Zeile
UCLA ---
5-160 DET
195. Ben Wetzler
Oregon State ---
9-257 MIA
196. Scott Squier
Hawaii ---
16-467 MIA
197. Kel Johnson
Home School (GA) Georgia Tech
198. Austin Davis
Cal St. Bakersfield ---
12-352 PHI
199. Alex Destino
North Buncombe HS (NC) South Carolina
200. Pavin Smith
Palm Beach Gardens HS (FL) Virginia
32-953 COL
201. Michael Cantu
Moody HS (TX) Texas
30-889 CHC
202. Max George
Regis Jesuit HS (CO) Oregon State
6-173 COL
203. Travis Jones
Atascocita HS (TX) Texas
39-1176 TEX
204. Ryan Harris
Florida ---
26-794 BOS
205. Ryder Ryan
North Mecklenburg HS (NC) North Carolina
40-1208 CLE
206. Branden Kelliher
Lake Stevens HS (WA) Oregon
8-252 OAK
207. Justin Smith
Bartram Trail HS (FL) Miami
208. Austin Murphy
Episcopal HS (FL) Auburn
209. Tyler Willman
Western Illinois ---
12-372 OAK
210. Michael Russell
North Carolina ---
5-157 TB
211. Mitch Watrous
Utah ---
8-237 SD
212. Tanner Houck
Collinsville HS (IL) Missouri
12-354 TOR
213. Reese Cooley
Fleming Island HS (FL) Chipola JC (FL)
26-788 CLE
214. Brent Jones
Cornell ---
4-120 ARZ
215. Chris Diaz
Miami ---
5-163 ATL
216. Hunter Cole
Georgia ---
26-778 SF
217. Mason McCullough
Lander ---
5-150 ARZ
218. Nick Torres
Cal Poly ---
4-117 SD
219. Gabe Gonzalez
Arbor View HS (NV) UNLV
13-396 TEX
220. Elliott Cary
Clackamas HS (OR) Oregon State
32-964 CIN
221. Brenden Overton
Clearwater Central Catholic HS (FL) None
222. Austin Robichaux
Louisiana Lafayette ---
18-539 LAA
223. Max Povse
UNC Greensboro ---
3-102 ATL
224. Michael Suchy
Florida Gulf Coast ---
5-161 PIT
225. Clay Casey
DeSoto Central HS (MS) Ole Miss
33-994 WSH
226. Kyle Wright
Buckhorn HS (AL) Vanderbilt
227. Skyler Ewing
Rice ---
6-178 SF
228. Brad Bass
Lincoln-Way Central HS (IL) Notre Dame
33-979 CHC
229. Trevor Megill
Loyola Marymount ---
3-104 STL
230. Jordan Montgomery
South Carolina ---
4-122 NYY
231. Brandon Leibrandt
Florida State ---
6-172 PHI
232. Joey Pankake
South Carolina ---
7-220 DET
233. Slade Heggen
Loyola Sacred Heart HS (MT) Oregon
234. Kyle Marsh
Spruce Creek HS (FL) UCF
235. Ben Smith
Coastal Carolina ---
17-496 HOU
236. Dustin DeMuth
Indiana ---
5-146 MIL
237. Jesse Lepore
Trinity Catholic HS (FL) Miami
238. Zach Pop
Notre Dame Catholic HS (CAN) None
23-684 TOR
239. Andrew Summerville
Lakeside HS (WA) Stanford
34-1011 SEA
240. Ryan Lillard
Urbandale HS (IA) Kansas State
30-903 KC
241. Richard Prigatano
Long Beach State ---
11-323 COL
242. Kevin Padlo
Murrieta Valley HS (CA) San Diego
5-143 COL
243. Tanner English
South Carolina ---
11-320 MIN
244. Josh Prevost
Seton Hall ---
5-145 NYM
245. John Curtiss
Texas ---
6-170 MIN
246. Sam Clay
Georgia Tech ---
4-110 MIN
247. Zach Schellenger
Devon Prep HS (PA) Seton Hall
248. Kevin Cron
TCU ---
14-420 ARZ
249. Colton Hock
Bloomsburg Area HS (PA) Stanford
250. Luis Alvarado
PR Baseball Academy Nebraska
33-1004 BOS
251. Austin Cousino
Kentucky ---
3-80 SEA
252. Matt Crownover
Clemson ---
21-628 SF
253. Cason Sherrod
W.T. White HS (TX) Texas A&M
254. Connor Wong
Pearland HS (TX) Houston
255. Liam Sabino
Blair Academy (PA) Vanderbilt
256. Tristan Gray
Elkins HS (TX) Rice
37-1105 NYM
257. Jake Jewell
Northeast Oklahoma A&M JC (OK) Oklahoma
5-149 LAA
258. Nick White
Berryhill HS (OK) Oklahoma State
11-317 MIA
259. Jordan Holloway
Ralston Valley HS (CO) Nebraska-Omaha
20-587 MIA
260. Jared Miller
Vanderbilt ---
11-330 ARZ
261. Brad Radziewski
Miami ---
9-256 HOU
262. Kevin Bryant
Wade Hampton HS (SC) Clemson
263. Jake Jarvis
Klein Collins HS (TX) Texas A&M
10-288 CHW
264. Jonah Patten
Norwell HS (IN) Arkansas
265. Weston Davis
Manatee HS (FL) Florida
11-334 WSH
266. Garrett Mundell
Fresno State ---
18-540 ARZ
267. Chandler Shepherd
Kentucky ---
13-404 BOS
268. Josh Laxer
Ole Miss ---
9-280 DET
269. Zach Sullivan
Corning East HS (NY) Stony Brook
14-407 MIA
270. Brandon Murray
Hobart HS (IN) South Carolina
30-892 PHI
271. Tim Susnara
St. Francis HS (CA) Oregon
34-1018 SF
272. Yale Rosen
Washington State ---
11-327 SD
273. Jose Brizuela
Florida State ---
16-492 OAK
274. Benito Santiago
Coral Springs Christian HS (FL) Tennessee
38-1138 SF
275. Cy Sneed
Dallas Baptist ---
3-85 MIL
276. Brett Austin
North Carolina State ---
4-108 CHW
277. Pat Mahomes
Whitehouse HS (TX) Texas Tech
37-1120 DET
278. Jake Reed
Oregon ---
5-140 MIN
279. Alex Lange
Lee's Summit West HS (MO) LSU
280. Jordan Ramsey
UNC Wilmington ---
32-962 NYY
281. Branden Cogswell
Virginia ---
7-222 OAK
282. Drew Lugbauer
Arlington HS (NY) Michigan
21-624 TOR
283. Adam Choplick
Oklahoma ---
32-948 CHW
284. Bennett Sousa
Benjamin HS (FL) Virginia
285. Isiah Gilliam
Parkview HS (GA) None
23-679 CHC
286. Montrell Marshall
South Gwinnett HS (GA) Auburn
12-365 CIN
287. Jon Teaney
Quartz Hill HS (CA) San Diego
34-1045 NYM
288. Jon Littell
Stillwater HS (OK) Oklahoma State
39-1174 WSH
289. Greg Deichmann
Brother Martin HS (LA) LSU
290. Keith Grieshaber
Marquette HS (MO) Arkansas
291. Troy Stokes
Calvert Hall HS (MD) Maryland
4-116 MIL

I've been watching games and talking to scouts about players eligible for this draft for over two years, so I'm going to end up with some extra names that didn't make the top 291. I broke those names down into college and high school lists, grouped by position, ranked in order of preference in the positional listing. Here's the 255 college players with that didn't make the overall top 291 but are top 10 round talents. The seniors on this list (about 10-20%) will go high, most by the 12th-15th and some possibly in the top 5 rounds at drastically below-slot bonuses. I list these players, as with the top 291, purely by talent and not to try to guess who will go in the top 10 rounds, so some talented but unsignable (for their talent level) college juniors may go completely undrafted, though that doesn't change that they belong on this list. I note a secondary position or specific fit in the outfield in parentheses, followed by the school and college commitment for the junior college players, if they have one.

Here's another infographic, showing the schools that have the most players—draft eligible talent and commits—among the 748 players in this article. This is a good proxy for overall talent and health of a program to have strong incoming and outgoing talent. Check the links at the top of the page for 2015 and 2016 draft rankings to get a more complete picture of the most talented programs.

Example Report & Video

Here's a video of Florida State lefty Bryant Holtmann, one of the top lefties on the list, to give you an idea of what to expect as a subscriber, with even more in-depth reports and video on most of the top 295. He's a 6'5/210 lefty from the Midwest with limited innings on his arm that took a step forward this year when given the chance to throw meaningful innings for an injury-ravaged Seminole rotation. The video comes from one of his best outings in multiple innings of relief at USF, where he sat 89-92 and hit 94 mph with a 77-80 mph curveball that flashed average at times. His velo dipped back into the 80's later this spring, when it was revealed he had a minor arm injury. The body is good, but the delivery is a little stiff and the command comes an goes. That said, there aren't many big lefties that hit 94 mph, so he fits in rounds 5-8 if signable there. Click on a player's name for any prior reports and/or videos.

Catchers (17)

Daniel Salters/Dallas Baptist, Cole Lankford (1B)/Texas A&M, Wayne Taylor/Stanford, Kevin Krause/Stony Brook (9-281 PIT), Garrett Boulware/Clemson, Tyler Moore/LSU (6-174 NYM), Ian Rice/Chipola JC (FL)/Houston, Chase Griffin (1B)/Georgia Southern, Chris Harvey (1B)/Vanderbilt, Brian O'Keefe/St. Joseph's (7-225 STL), Michael Barash/Palm Beach JC (FL), Wade Wass/Alabama, Casey Schroeder/Polk State JC (FL)/Coastal Carolina, Alex Real/New Mexico, Jarrard Poteete/Connors State JC (OK)/Kentucky, , Connor Lynch/Oklahoma City, Michael Strentz/Louisiana Lafayette

First Basemen (10)

Tyler Kuresa/UC Santa Barbara, Chris Marconcini/Duke, James Vasquez/UCF, Chris Gittens (RHP)/Grayson County JC (TX)/Arkansas-Little Rock, Michael Katz/William & Mary (9-265 NYM), Ryan Padilla/New Mexico, Collin Ferguson/St. Mary's, Ryan O'Hearn/Sam Houston State (8-243 KC), Danny Rosenbaum (3B)/Louisville, John Nogowski/Florida State, Josh Dezse (RHP)/Ohio State

Second Basemen (11)

Ross Kivett/Kansas State (6-190 DET), Trent Gilbert/Arizona, Dante Flores (CF)/USC, Casey Turgeon/Florida, Steve Wilkerson/Clemson (8-241 BAL), Logan Ratledge/North Carolina State, Drew Stankiewicz/Arizona State, Will Maddox/Tennessee, Jace Conrad/Louisiana Lafayette, Landon Lassiter/North Carolina, Jimmy Allen/Cal Poly

Shortstops (10)

Mitch Morales/Florida Atlantic, Chris Mariscal/Fresno State, Andrew Daniel/San Diego, Emmanuel Marrero/Alabama State (7-202 PHI), Tommy Williams/UCF, Vince Conde/Vanderbilt (9-272 NYY), Gunnar Heidt/Charleston, Corey Toups/Sam Houston State, Chesny Young/Mercer, Andrew Sohn/Western Michigan (6-195 STL)

Third Basemen (16)

Tyler Filliben/Samford, Scott Heineman (OF)/Oregon, Mitch Gunsolus/Gonzaga, Josh Anderson (RF)/Florida International, Nick Vilter/UC Riverside (9-267), Austin Davidson/Pepperdine, Tripp Martin (1B)/Samford, Connor Goedert/Neosho County JC (KS)/Kansas State, Morgan Phillips/Charleston, Conner Hale (OF/1B)/LSU, Willie Schwanke (RHP)/Grayson County JC (TX), Kevin Kramer/UCLA, Connor Barron/Southern Miss, Max Kuhn/Kentucky, K.J. Hockaday (OF)/Tennessee Wesleyan, Nick Tanielu/Washington State

Outfielders (43)

Mark Laird (CF)/LSU, Mark Payton (CF)/Texas (7-212 NYY), Daniel Sweet/Polk State JC (FL)/Dallas Baptist, Ashton Perritt (RHP)/Liberty, Clint Freeman (LHP)/East Tennessee State, Zach Fish (C)/Oklahoma State, Grant Heyman/Southern Nevada JC (NV)/Oregon State (8-240 ARZ), Dale Carey (CF)/Miami (7-214 CIN), Jake Fincher/N.C. State, Danny Mars/Chipola JC (FL)/Florida State (6-194 BOS), Austin Bousfield/Ole Miss (5-147 SD), Ben Moore (RF/C)/Alabama (8-254 BOS), Mason Robbins/Southern Miss, Wes Rogers/Spartanburg Methodist JC (SC) (4-113 COL), Sean Godfrey/Ball State, Conor Harber (RHP)/Western Nevada JC (NV)/Oregon, Tyler Palmer (LF)/Miami, Robert Pehl (LF)/Washington, Eudor Garcia (LF)/El Paso JC (TX) (4-115 NYM), Cedric Mullins (CF)/Louisburg JC (NC), Blake Drake/Concordia (OR), Tyler Spoon/Arkansas, Ashford Fulmer (CF)/Houston, Senquez Golson (Football)/Ole Miss, Daniel Spingola/Georgia Tech, Collin Shaw/Texas, Conor Costello (RHP)/Oklahoma State, Kewby Meyer (LHP)/Washington, Louie Lechich/San Diego (6-168 CHW), Boo Vazquez (LF)/Pittsburgh,Jeff Schalk (LF)/UAB, Joey Martarano (Football)/Boise State, Caleb Adams (LF)/Louisiana Lafayette (10-299 LAA), Ben Roberts/Washington State, Omar Cotto/USC, Trever Allen/Arizona State, Jimmy Pickens/Michigan State, Luke Tendler/North Carolina A&T, Joe Serrano/Arkansas, Aaron Mizell/Georgia Southern, Max Murphy/Bradley (9-260 MIN), Connor McKay/Kansas, Devan Ahart/Akron, Hayden Simerly/Sam Houston State

Left-Handed Pitchers (29)

Bryant Holtmann/Florida State, Will Solomon/Kennesaw State, Christian Trent/Ole Miss, Justin Kamplain/Alabama, Jalen Beeks/Arkansas, Harrison Musgrave/West Virginia (8-233 COL), Tanner Scott/Howard JC (TX)/Texas Tech (6-181 BAL), Andrew Chin/Boston College, Jonathan Frebis/Middle Tennessee State, Lane Ratliff/Jones County JC (MS) (6-171 SEA), Tyler Gilbert/Santa Barbara JC (CA)/USC, Tyler Nurdin/Oklahoma State, Kyle Carter/Miami-Dade JC (FL), Michael Gunn (1B)/Arkansas, Adam McCreery/Azusa Pacific, Patrick Peterson/N.C. State, Porter Clayton/Oregon, Michael Fagan/Princeton (9-282 OAK), Sam Hilliard/Crowder JC (MO)/Wichita State, Brandon Diaz/Broward County JC (FL), Ryan Yarbrough/Old Dominion (4-111 SEA), Dan Koger/Auburn, Tommy Thorpe/Oregon (8-229 CHC), Tyler Wells/Nevada, Brian Clark/Kent State (9-258 CHW), Zac Curtis/Middle Tennessee State (6-180 ARZ), Chris Sadberry/Texas Tech (6-167 MIA), Wes Benjamin/Kansas (5-156 TEX), Sterling Wynn/McLennan JC (TX)/North Carolina State

Right-Handed Pitchers (119)

Benton Moss/North Carolina, Randy LeBlanc/Tulane (10-290 MIN), Jorge Perez/Grand Canyon, Lukas Schiraldi/Texas, Michael Franco/Florida International (7-217 TB), Dean Deetz/Northeast Oklahoma A&M JC (OK)/Oklahoma, Justin Shafer (RF)/Florida (8-234 TOR), Artie Lewicki/Virginia (8-250 DET), Jake Peter (SS)/Creighton (7-198 CHW), Andrew Morales/UC Irvine (2-71 STL), Carson Baranik/Louisiana Lafayette, Josh Heddinger/Georgia Tech, Luis Paula/North Carolina, Parker French/Texas, Jordan Stephens/Rice, Joe Broussard/LSU, Peter Miller/Florida State (9-261 SEA), Jon Richy/UNLV (3-98 LA), Brad Roney (3B)/Southern Miss (8-253 ATL), Sarkis Ohanian/Duke, Taylore Cherry/North Carolina, David Hill/Orange Coast JC (CA)/San Diego, Jason Jester/Texas A&M, Jonathan Holder/Mississippi State (6-182 NYY), Reed Reilly/Cal Poly (7-224 BOS), Hawtin Buchanan/Ole Miss, J.T. Phillips (3B)/Georgia Perimeter JC (GA), Aaron Rhodes/Florida, Kevin Simmons/Wallace-Selma JC (AL)/West Alabama, Tejay Antone/Weatherford JC (TX)/Auburn (5-155 CIN), Jake Kelzer/Indiana, Dan Altavilla/Meryhurst (5-141 SEA), Jack English/Florida Gulf Coast, Austin Pettibone/UC Santa Barbara, Drew Van Orden/Duke (5-154 WSH), Jeremy Null/Western Carolina, , Connor Walsh/Cincinnati, Gianni Zayas/Seminole State JC (FL)/Florida International, Conor Krauss/Seton Hall, Trevor Oaks/Cal Baptist (7-219 LA)

Right-Handed Pitchers (Cont'd)

Robert Winemiller/Case Western, Trey Cochran-Gill/Auburn, David Hess/Tennessee Tech (5-151 BAL), Joel Seddon/South Carolina, James Carter/Chabot JC (CA)/UC Santa Barbara, Scott Schultz/Oregon State (10-300 ARZ), Andro Cutura/Southeastern Louisiana (7-200 MIN), J.P. Feyereisen/Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Logan Jernigan/N.C. State, Andres Gracia/Samford, Brent Honeywell/Walters State JC (TN) (2-72 TB), Michael Clemens/McNeese State, Joe Filomeno/Louisville, Cameron Tekker/Virginia, Taylor Lewis/Chipola JC (FL)/Florida, Dalton Viner/San Jacinto JC (TX), Michael Peterson/Riverside JC (CA), Andrew Istler/Duke, Dusty Isaacs/Georgia Tech, Matt Grimes/Georgia Tech, Brock Dykxhoorn/Central Arizona JC (AZ) (6-166 HOU)s, David Berg/UCLA, Luke Eubank/Oxnard JC (CA)/Wichita State, Andrew Rohrbach/Long Beach State (9-263 COL), Paul Voelker/Dallas Baptist (10-310 DET), Tyler Eppler/Sam Houston State (6-191 PIT), Tanner Chleborad/Washington State, Sean Carley/West Virginia, Austen Williams/Texas State (6-184 WSH), Nathan Thornhill/Texas, Corey Miller/Pepperdine (10-312 OAK), Evan Beal/South Carolina, Gandy Stubblefield/Texas A&M, Jake Ehret/UCLA, Dan Savas/Illinois State, Tyler Poole/Coastal Carolina, Peter Lenstrohm/Tennessee, Matt Troupe/Arizona

Right-Handed Pitchers (Cont'd)

Preston Guillory/Panola JC (TX)/TCU, Koda Glover/Eastern Oklahoma State JC (OK)/Oklahoma State, Daniel Poncedeleon/Embry-Riddle (9-285 STL), Michael Taylor/Marshall, Rocky McCord/Auburn, Storm Rynard/Cowley County JC (KS)/Wichita State, Tyler Bolton/East Carolina, David Lucroy/East Carolina, Parker Ray/Texas A&M, Tanner Griggs/Angelina JC (TX)/Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Holden Helmink/San Jacinto JC (TX), Brad Wallace/Arkansas State (10-307 TB), Matt Pope/Walters State JC (TN), Steven Kane/Cypress JC (CA)/Tennessee, Hayden Barnett/LSU Eunice JC (LA), Julian Merryweather/Oklahoma Baptist (5-158 CLE), Cole Pitts/Georgia Tech, Andrew Woeck/North Carolina State, Corey Ray/Texas A&M (5-153 KC), Scott Baker/Ball State, Eric Dorsch/Kent State, Dillon Newman/Baylor, Aaron Garza/Houston, Adam Hall/Xavier, Javi Salas/Miami (10-296 MIL), Greg Milhorn/Louisiana Lafayette, Jordan Schwartz/Niagara (4-132 OAK), Alex Massey/Tulane, Mick VanVossen/Michigan State, Ben Meyer/Minnesota, John Miles/Missouri, Colby Blueberg/Nevada, Kevin McAvoy/Bryant (4-134 BOS), Mike Urbanski/SUNY Binghamton, Ryan Powers/Miami (OH), Austin Coley/Belmont (8-251 PIT), Adam Dian/Pittsburgh, Taylor Nunez/Southern Mississippi, Austin Stone/Baylor

And here's the 203 prep players that didn't make the overall top 291 but are top 10 round talents. Most of them will go to school as their best bonus offers will be in the low-to-mid six figures and could be much higher after three years in college, though some of those below will sign for that kind of bonus. I note a secondary position or specific fit in the outfield in parentheses, followed by the home state (click on the name to see the name of the high school) and college commitment.

Here's another infographic showing the conferences with the most combined commits and current players among the 748 players listed in this article, not surprisingly showing the SEC is dominant in yet another sport.

Example Report & Video

Here's a video of Miami-Dade JC commit and Coral Springs Christian HS righty Jeremiah Muhammad. This video is from the first time I saw him, when he was relieving my #15 overall prospect Touki Toussaint in a heavily-scouted game early in the year. Muhammad hadn't been seen much my scouts at this point, as he transferred to the Miami-area powerhouse from New Jersey and wasn't easy to find on the showcase circuit, either. Muhammad is old for the class at 19.56 on draft day, but is an athletic 6'5/215 righty with limited miles on his arm. This video is from arguably his best outing of the spring, where he went 2 innings to close out a win, sitting 89-92 and hitting 94 mph with an inconsistent curveball that flashed above average at times. Things tailed off a bit from here, as I saw Muhammad a few weeks later at the NHSI tournament in North Carolina and he was 86-89 mph and lacking feel. Muhammad should go in the top 10 rounds if he tells teams he's signable for low six figures. He fits in rounds 6-9 based on talent and the elements are here for a power arm that could take off.

Catchers (26)

Handsome Monica (1B)/LA/Arizona, Riley Adams/CA/San Diego, Thomas Rowan/CA/None, Blake Anderson (RHP)/MS/Southern Miss (1-36 MIA), Mike Papierski/IL/LSU, Justin Morris/MD/Maryland, Hunter Taylor/VA/South Carolina, Cole Bedford/TX/Texas A&M, Michael Rivera/FL/Florida, Nathan Rodriguez/CA/Arkansas, Mitch Trees/IL/Louisville, Tanner Gragg/KS/Kansas, Joey Morgan/OR/Oregon, Jared Barnes/FL/South Alabama, Gunnar Troutwine/KS/Wichita State, Gilberto Rodriguez/PR/Miami-Dade JC (FL), Griffin Helms/GA/Kennesaw State, Tommy Pincin (1B)/CA/San Diego State, Michael McCann/TX/Texas, Colton Shaver/UT/BYU, Justin Hancock/WA/Washington State, Zach Risedorf/CT/Connecticut (6-177 SD), John Jones/FL/Miami, Nick Bottari (1B)/FL/Miami, Trey Turner (OF)/MO/Crowder JC (MO), Spencer Levine (OF)/FL/Florida International

First Basemen (11)

Gavin LaValley/OK/Oklahoma (4-125 CIN), Gerard Hernandez (LF)/AZ/None, Hunter Williams (LHP)/VA/North Carolina, Jeremy Vasquez/FL/Florida, Justin Bellinger/MA/Duke, J.J. Matijevic/PA/Arizona, Jackson Soto (3B)/OR/Oregon State, Keegan McGovern/GA/Georgia, Caleb Eldridge/OK/Oklahoma State, Dash Winningham/FL/Florida Gulf Coast (8-235 NYM), Josh Ockimey/PA/Indiana (5-164 BOS)

Second Basemen (10)

Tristan Rojas/NY/Grayson County JC (TX), Chandler Avant/AL/Alabama, Jack Benninghoff/KS/Arkansas, Bryson Brigman (SS)/CA/San Diego, Jack Gerstenmaier/VA/Virginia, Christian Donahue/HI/Oregon State, Nick Valaika/CA/UCLA, Kevin Rivera/PR/Broward JC (FL), Brooks Kennedy/NC/North Carolina, Tristan Hildebrandt/CA/Fullerton

Shortstop (16)

Brian Schales/CA/Long Beach State (4-107 MIA), Henry Davis/SC/Appalachian State, D.J. King/FL/Hillsborough JC (FL), Dale Burdick/TN/Mississippi State, Matt McLaughlin/CA/Kansas, Payton Squier/AZ/UNLV, Evan Mendoza (RHP)/FL/N.C. State, Dazon Cole (RHP)/MI/Central Michigan, Tremaine Holmes/FL/None, Kirvin Moesquit/FL/Miami, Brody Westmoreland/CO/San Diego State, Drew Ellis/IN/Louisville, Jonathan Oquendo/PR/None, Nelson Jorge/PR/Des Moines JC (IA) (7-221 PIT), Zack Gahagan/NC/North Carolina, Allen Beer/OK/Bradley

Third Basemen (11)

Jon Ducoff/TX/Baylor, Jared Walker/GA/Kennesaw State (5-159 LA), Joe Gillette/CA/Oregon State, Christian Hicks (SS)/FL/Florida, Taylor Lane/FL/Florida, Michael Gretler/WA/Oregon State, Dylan Busby/FL/None, Blake Wiggins/AR/Arkansas, Justin Lewis (RHP)/GA/Kentucky, Max Ponzurick/PA/Virginia Tech, McCarthy Tatum (RHP)/CA/San Diego

Outfielders (39)

Khevin Brewer (LF)/TX/Rice, Darius Day (CF)/IL/Arizona, Stuart Fairchild (LF)/WA/Wake Forest, Corbin Martin (RHP)/TX/Texas A&M, Kevin Williams (CF)/FL/Kansas State, Garrett McCain (CF)/TX/Oklahoma State, Patrick Mathis (CF)/TX/Texas, Coltin Gerhart/CA/Arizona State (Football), Denz'l Chapman (CF)/CA/San Diego State, Francisco DeJesus (RF)/TX/TCU, Brodie Leftridge (CF)/MD/Tennessee, Elijah Dilday/MO/Nebraska, Clark Scolamiero/SC/South Carolina, Logan Sowers (RF)/IN/Indiana, Devan Stubblefield (CF)/HI/None, Laren Eustace (CF)/IL/Indiana, Matt Collins (CF)/TX/Texas A&M, Storm Edwards (CF)/NC/North Carolina State, Marcos Rios (CF)/PR/None, D.J. Burt (CF)/NC/Chipola JC (FL) (4-123 KC), Aidan McDermott (LF)/NJ/St. John's, Jamal Howard/AL/Alabama, B.J. White (LF)/AL/Chipola JC (FL), Jared Janczak (CF)/TX/TCU, Hunter Tackett/TN/Auburn, Drew Wharton (LF)/GA/Clemson, Alex Abbott/GA/Florida (6-179 LAA), Ben Polshuk (LF)/CA/Cal Poly, Nkosi Djehuti-Mes (LF)/CA/None, Tanner Gardner (CF)/TX/Texas Tech, Carson Jackson/FL/High Point, Brandon Gonzalez/CA/None, T.J. Riles (CF)/GA/Kennesaw State, Josh Davis (CF)/OK/Pepperdine, Brandon Vicens/FL/Florida Atlantic Joseph Estrada (RF)/PR/Alabama State, Brock Lundquist (CF)/CA/Long Beach State, Jack Schaaf (CF)/OH/Florida International, Andrew Shaps (LHP)/AZ/Arizona State

Left-Handed Pitchers (22)

Sam Hentges (1B)/MN/Arkansas (4-128 CLE), Brendan McKay/PA/Louisville, Brian Gonzalez (1B)/FL/Miami (3-90 BAL), Brock Burke/CO/Oregon (3-96 TB), Daniel Gooden/GA/Georgia Tech, Willie Rios (1B)/CT/Maryland, Devin Smeltzer/NJ/Florida Gulf Coast, Taylor Lehman/PA/Penn State, Chris McGrath/GA/Duke, Christian Martinek/OR/Oregon State, Quinn Brodey (CF)/CA/Stanford, Coan McAlpine/NC/Clemson, Zach Warren/NJ/Tulane, Keegan Baar/MI/Michigan State, Kyle Pate/AR/Arkansas, Tyler Bauman/FL/St. John's, Nick Raquet/PA/North Carolina, Ryan Fant/TX/Arkansas, Parker Mushinski/TX/Texas Tech, Jake Latz/IL/LSU, John Gavin/CA/Fullerton, Joel Ortiz/PR/None

Right-Handed Pitchers (68)

Gabe Llanes/CA/Fresno State, Griffin Canning/CA/UCLA, Pearson McMahan/FL/North Florida, Gage Burland (RF)/WA/Gonzaga, Tyler Schimpf/CA/Texas, Brendan Spagnuolo/NY/Vanderbilt, Marvin Gorgas (OF)/CT/Connecticut, Jordan Yamamoto/HI/Arizona, Zach Willeman/OH/Kent State, Erik Manoah/FL/Florida International, Jeremiah Muhammad/FL/Miami Dade JC (FL), Mark Hammel/TX/Arkansas, Ryan Ralston/KS/Kansas, Nick Leonard/CO/Washington State, Keven Pimentel/FL/Miami, Parker Joe Robinson/CA/Texas, Devin Meyer/FL/Miami, Matt Ruppenthal/MI/Vanderbilt, John Wesley Ray/MS/Ole Miss, Kevin Steen/TN/Tennessee (9-284 BOS), Stetson Woods/CA/Fresno State (9-268 SF), Brad Archer/MO/Missouri State, Spencer Moran/AZ/Utah, David Burkhalter/LA/Louisiana Monroe (6-176 MIL), Sam McWilliams/TN/Tennessee Tech (8-232 PHI), Jake Niggemeyer/OH/Ohio State, Peter Solomon/MD/Notre Dame, Jesse McCord/AL/Mississippi State, Brigham Hill/TX/Texas A&M, Trevor Horn/AZ/Arizona State, Bryce Dyrda/CA/USC, Brady Feigl/MO/Ole Miss, Andrew DiPiazza/NJ/Alabama, Gage Hinsz/MT/Oregon State, Jean Cosme/PR/None

Right-Handed Pitchers (Cont'd)

Nate Hadley/CA/UCLA, Brandon Bielak/NJ/Notre Dame, Drew Carlton/FL/Florida State, Brandon Johnson/NV/Kansas, Drew Rasmussen/WA/Oregon State, Anthony Herron/MO/None, Ryan Hingst/TX/Arizona State, Matt Trask/CA/UCLA, Hunter Hart/IL/Indiana, Maverick Buffo/UT/BYU, Jake Bird/CA/UCLA, Giovanni Abreu/NY/Hofstra, Kameron Uter/GA/Wake Forest, Joe Ingle/NC/East Carolina, Josh Pennington/NJ/St. John's, Scott Schreiber/WI/Nebraska, Doug Norman/SC/LSU, Carson Larue/OK/Oklahoma State, Jayce Vancena/OH/Michigan, Matt Campbell/CA/Cal State Northridge, Jeff Bain/CA/California, Nick Brown/OK/Missouri State, Grant Schneider/TX/Arizona State, Zack Henderson/WI/Missouri, Michael Bono/CA/Santa Clara, Luke Sommerfeld/WI/St. Louis, Brock Barger/TX/Oklahoma, Garett King/CA/Nebraska, Ricardo Salinas/TX/Rice, Kade McClure/OH/Louisville, Evelino Ruibal (1B)/NJ/Notre Dame, Brad Wegman/CA/USC, Robert White/VA/William & Mary

Top 10 Round Picks Not In The 748 Players Above

Brett Martin, LHP, Walters State JC (TN) (4-126 TEX)

Darren Seferina, 2B, Miami Dade JC (FL) (5-165 STL)

Grayson Huffman, LHP, Grayson County JC (TX) (6-174 TOR)

Logan Moon, OF, Missouri Southern (6-183 KC)

Jose Lopez, RHP, Seton Hall (6-185 CIN)

Mac James, C, Oklahoma (6-187 TB)

Brock Stewart, RHP, Illinois State (6-189 LA)

Keith Curcio, CF, Florida Southern (6-193 ATL)

Taylor Byrd, LHP, Nicholls State (7-201 SEA)

Drew Weeks, LF, North Florida (7-203 COL)

Zack Zehner, LF, Cal Poly (7-204 TOR)

Brad Wieck, LHP, Oklahoma City (7-205 NYM)

Mitch Meyer, RF, Kansas State (7-206 MIL)

Seth Harrison, CF, Louisiana Lafayette (7-208 SF)

Bo Way, CF, Kennesaw State (7-209 LAA)

Mac Schuh, LHP, UCLA (7-211 BAL)

Nick Green, RHP, Indian Hills JC (IA) (7-216 TEX)

Bobby Boyd, CF, West Virginia (8-226 HOU)

John Ziznewski, SS, Long Island (8-228 CHW)

Kody Kerski, RHP, Sacred Heart (8-231 SEA)

J.B. Kole, RHP, Villanova (8-236 MIL)

Jacke Yacinich, SS, Iowa (8-239 LAA)

Connor Spencer, 1B, UC Irvine (8-242 NYY)

Jeff Gardner, LF, Louisville (8-244 WSH)

Brian O'Grady, 1B, Rutgers (8-245 CIN)

Erik Swanson, RHP, Iowa Western JC (IA) (8-246 TEX)

Daniel Miles, 3B, Tennessee Tech (8-247 TB)

Hunter Redman, C, Texas Tech (8-249 LA)

Nick Thompson, RF, William & Mary (8-255 STL)

James Farris, RHP, Arizona (9-259 CHC)

Matt Hockenberry, RHP, Temple (9-262 PHI)

Ryan Metzler, 2B, South Carolina Aiken (9-264 TOR)

Greg McCall, C, Texas-Arlington (9-266 MIL)

Jordan Kipper, RHP, TCU (9-269 LAA)

Justin Gonzalez, SS, Florida State (9-270 ARZ)

Austen Anderson, 3B, Ole Miss (9-271 BAL)

Brandon Thomasson, OF, Tennessee Tech (9-273 KC)

Brian Hunter, RHP, Hartford (9-275 CIN)

Doug Votoloto, CF, Central Arkansas (9-276 TEX)

Chris Pike, RHP, Oklahoma City (9-277 TB)

Matt Campbell, RHP, Clemson (9-279 LA)

Jordan Edgerton, 3B, UNC Pembroke (9-283 ATL)

Jay Gause, RHP, Faulkner (10-286 HOU)

Ryan Williams, RHP, East Carolina (10-289 CHC)

Adam Martin, C, Western Carolina (10-291 SEA)

Matt Shortall, OF, UT Arlington (10-292 PHI)

Troy Stein, C, Texas A&M (10-293 COL)

Jordan Romano, RHP, Oral Roberts (10-294 TOR)

Kelly Secrest, LHP, UNC Wilmington (10-295 NYM)

Thomas Dorminy, LHP, Faulkner (10-297 SD)

Mathew Gage, LHP, Siena (10-298 SF)

Jay Gonzalez, CF, Mount Olive (10-301 BAL)

Ty McFarland, 2B, James Madison (10-302 NYY)

Nick Green, LHP, Utah (10-303 KC)

Matthew Page, RF, Oklahoma Baptist (10-304 WSH)

Seth Varner, LHP, Miami Ohio (10-305 CIN)

Seth Spivey, C, Abilene Christian (10-306 TEX)

Steve Patterson, 2B, California Davis (10-308 CLE)

Colin Hering, OF, Coastal Carolina (10-309 LA)

Alex McRae, RHP, Jacksonville (10-311 PIT)

Matt Tellor, 1B, Southeast Missouri State (10-313 ATL)

Cole Sturgeon, OF, Louisville (10-314 BOS)

Danny Diekroeger, 3B, Stanford (10-315 STL)

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