2014 St. Louis Cardinals Draft Cliffs Notes

For those who want just the basics about the St. Louis Cardinals' draft, this is the place for you.

For those who want to dig in and both see and read details about the 42 players selected by the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2014 First-Year Player Draft, The Cardinal Nation has a very comprehensive set of reports for you to view.

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However, if you are looking for the basics, this is the place for you!

Breaking Down the Picks

Here is the breakdown by class, day selected and position.

Days 1-2 LHP RHP 1B 2B SS 3B OF  C tot  
College 1 4 0 1 1 1 1 1 10 83%
High school 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 17%
Day 3 LHP RHP 1B 2B SS 3B OF  C tot  
College 2 10 1 2 1 1 4 2 23 77%
High school 0 4 1 0 1 1 0 0 7 23%
Days 1-3 LHP RHP 1B 2B SS 3B OF  C tot  
College 3 14 1 3 2 2 5 3 33 79%
High school 0 6 1 0 1 1 0 0 9 21%
Totals 3 20 2 3 3 3 5 3 42  

When considering those likely first to sign, one should start with the first few picks, regardless of class. In those cases, one can assume money was discussed prior to the draft. Next are the college seniors, as that group has the least leverage to enter a long negotiation.

On the other end of the spectrum are the high schoolers, who have the threat of attending college instead and re-entering the draft later if they don't get the money they expect. This year's signing deadline is July 18.

As denoted in the table that follows, the Cards chose 12 seniors. That includes three in the first 10 rounds, where any money saved can be reallocated to the two high schoolers and seven college underclassmen in that top 10 rounds group of 12 total draftees.

  Sr. Jr. Juco tot
College 12 15 6 33
  36% 45% 18%  

The top 10 rounds are governed by a total bonus pool allocation to the Cardinals this year of just under $7.1 million. The Cardinals also selected a high schooler in the 11th round and non-seniors through round 19. If any players taken after round 10 receive more than $100,000 each, the excess will also count against the pool.

Possible Strategy

First -rounder Jack Flaherty at 34th overall may require half to three-quarters of a million over slot to get signed. The Cards may also want extra to get Justin Bellinger in the 11th round.

That money would come from below slot signings elsewhere in the top 10, especially Andrew Morales in the second, Daniel Poncedeleon in the ninth and Denny Diekroeger in the 10th. All three are seniors. The third and fourth-round selections, while juniors, could be underslot candidates, as well.

Pick Values

Round Name Pick value
1-27 Weaver $1,843,000
1-33 Flaherty $1,650,400
2-68 Williams $833,900
2-71 Morales $796,100
3 Megill $504,400
4 Gomber $374,100
5 Seferina $280,100
6 Sohn $209,700
7 O'Keefe $163,200
8 Thompson $152,400
9 Poncedeleon $142,300
10 Diekroeger $137,600

The Cardinals can spend up to five percent more than the above total without being docked a pick in 2015. There is a financial penalty, but it is tolerable.

The Draftees

Following is the basic biographical information for all 42. Remember that by clicking on any highlighted player name, you will be taken to his individual player profile page. There, all the prior information we have about him is available – articles, injury news, photos, videos, interviews and more - all in one place.

Rd Player (overall pick) Pos Cls School
1 Luke Weaver (27) RHP Jr Florida State University
1 Jack Flaherty (34) RHP HS Harvard-Westlake HS, Calif.
2 Ronnie Williams (68) RHP JS American Senior HS, Fla.
2 Andrew Morales (71) RHP Sr California-Irvine 
3 Trevor Megill (104) RHP Jr Loyola Marymount 
4 Austin Gomber (135) LHP Jr Florida Atlantic  
5 Darren Seferina (165) 2B J1 Miami-Dade CC South 
6 Andrew Sohn (195) SS Jr Western Michigan 
7 Brian O’Keefe (225) C Jr St. Joseph’s (Pa.)
8 Nick Thompson (255) RF Jr William & Mary 
9 Daniel Poncedeleon (285) RHP Sr Embry-Riddle Aero. Univ
10 Danny Diekroeger (315) 3B Sr Stanford 
11 Justin Bellinger (345) 1B HS St. Sebastian’s School, Mass.
12 Jordan DeLorenzo (375) LHP Jr University of West Florida 
13 Matt Pearce (405) RHP J2 Polk State College (Fla.)
14 Chris Shaw (435) C J1 Midland College (Tex.)
15 Matt Ditman (465)               RHP      Jr Rice University                 
16 Tristan Hildebrandt (495)      SS            HS Esperanza HS (Cal)                 
17 Dustin Beggs (525)              RHP      J2 Georgia Perimeter College       
18 Blake Drake (555)               CF      Jr Concordia University (Ore)  
19 Dom Thompson-Williams (585)    CF           J1 Iowa Western College              
20 Collin Radack (615)             OF       Sr Hendrix College (Ark.)        
21 Casey Grayson (645)             1B         5S University of Houston          
22 Derek Casey (675)               RHP      HS Hanover HS (Va)                
23 Joe Gillette (705)              3B   HS Scotts Valley HS (Cal)     
24 Casey Turgeon (735)             2B         Jr University of Florida           
25 Landon Beck (765)               RHP       Jr Anderson University (S.C.)        
26 Tyler Bray (795)                RHP    Sr Univ. of Louisiana-Monroe
27 Cole Lankford (825)             C         Jr  Texas A&M University        
28 Tyler Dunnington (855)         RHP      Sr Colorado Mesa University             
29 Bryan Dobzanski (885)          RHP       HS Delsea Regional HS (NJ)              
30 Josh Wirsu (915)                RHP    Jr Georgia Southern University   
31 Julian Barzilli (945)           3B     Sr Whittier College            
32 Anthony Herron, Jr. (975)      RHP       Hs Affton HS (Mo)                          
33 Dominic Moreno (1,005)    RHP  Jr Texas Tech University                   
34 George Iskenderian (1,035)  SS            J2 Indian River State Coll. (NJ)       
35 Michael Bono (1,065)            RHP        HS Buchanan HS                        
36 Cody Schumacher (1,095)    RHP Sr Missouri State University             
37 Chase Raffield (1,125)          LF        Sr Georgia State University       
38 Sasha Kuebel (1,155)            LHP       Jr University of Iowa              
39 Kyle Ruchim (1,185)             2B         Sr Northwestern University           
40 Davis Ward (1,215)              RHP       Sr Ouachita Baptist University       

Finally, to see where these players might fit in the system if and when they sign, check out the Cardinals organization Roster Matrix at The Cardinal Nation blog. All draftees will be added to a new matrix later this week, as the first short-season club to begin play, State College, divulges its roster.

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