Shawn Jefferson Explains His Strategy

Wide receiver coach Shawn Jefferson explains his style of coaching but most importantly, what really being a coach is all about.

Going full force with high intensity is what wide receiver coach, Shawn Jefferson is all about. With rookies and new trades huddled in the mix for this upcoming season, paying careful attention to detail seems to be Jefferson’s main key.

“Our intensity and the way we are paying attention to detail now will help us go full I’m trying to get these guys in the right mindset of intensity and detail and if they’re always on the attack mode, we’ll be good.”

Jefferson began his career in the NFL as a coach back in 2005 with the Detroit Lions and signed on with the Titans in 2013. Heading into his second year with the organization, he’s made it clear that no matter what team you are with, football is a tough game both physically and mentally; moreover, his strategy as a coach, has remained the same.

“I stay the same because I’m an intense guy and this is a tough game. So, my whole thing is mental toughness, playing tough, playing fast and being as violent as you possibly can. I want these guys to be offensive minded with a defensive attitude.”

Former Volunteer and wide receiver, Justin Hunter stresses how he appreciates Jeffersons intensity.

“I need that from a coach, I feel like it’s going to make me better in the game...only a few guys can say their coach will go out in pads like he did and it says a lot for him.”

Veteran and wide receiver Nate Washington seems to agree.

“Intensity takes your game to another level and it makes you appreciate it...with every single yell or push on the back, it makes you understand that you have to get better on every play so it’s beneficial. I honestly don’t think I would be as good as I am today if it weren’t for him pushing me.”

Kevin Patullo, assistant wide receiver coach, is also a ‘must’ for the success of this team on the receiving end. Jefferson states, “It starts with me and Kevin Patullo. We have to get them going because how they see us, that’s how their going to be.”

It’s no secret that all of Nashville is giving the offense two thumbs up this year. The Titans have been working hard, day in and day out, to create that excitement; however, this hard hitting, dynamite of a coach knows his personal key to a successful coaching career, “I want to see all of these guys succeed, I don’t get into this for a title, I want my guys to do well and realize their dreams and if they realize those dreams, then I’m a successful coach.”

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