Cards Minor League History with Brian Finch

A new exhibition on the importance of the minor leagues to the success of the St. Louis Cardinals is open.

If you haven’t yet been to the new St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum in its first year and a half of operation, now is the time. And if you have, there is a new reason to return.

On Saturday, November 21, a new exhibit celebrating the history of the minor league system opens. It is called “Farming the Business of Cardinals Baseball.” Among the artifacts on display include Branch Rickey's 1919 Cardinals jersey and George Kissell's handwritten pocket manual – the original source of “The Cardinal Way”.

In the following two-part, in-depth 38-minute interview, Brian Finch, Cardinals Manager of Stadium Tours and Museum Outreach, first gives an update on the team Hall of Fame. He then takes us through the history of how and why the farm system was a core element of the emergence of the Cardinals as a National League power in the 1920s after three decades of second-division status.

Rickey, Rogers Hornsby, Breadon

The importance of owner Sam Breadon and general manager Branch Rickey in taking the risks in developing and executing the strategy are emphasized. The pipeline of players coming up through the system from Hall of Famer Jim Bottomley to Stan Musial to Albert Pujols to the 2015 Cardinals and many more are acknowledged.

To learn more about the new exhibit, how to join the museum, operating hours and more, visit

Interview: Part 1

Interview: Part 2

Coming for members of The Cardinal Nation: Exclusive interviews with other Cardinals prospects competing in the Arizona Fall League, including a talk with Alex Reyes just before his suspension.

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