Cardinals Minors Working Rosters: 03/22/16

How St. Louis Cardinals minor leaguers are organized midway through 2016 spring training camp.

After the full complement of St. Louis Cardinals minor leaguers reported to spring training camp two weeks ago, they joined the two dozen STEP Camp players already on site. Players have been organized into working groups represented by the names “Memphis, Springfield, Palm Beach, Peoria 1 and Peoria 2” for external games.

However, these are working rosters constantly in flux and are shared for your interest only. Not only are there chain reactions of movement when players are sent down from major league camp, but players are readily shifted across rosters as daily needs occur.

The entire purpose of spring training is to enable the competition for full-season roster spots. Anything between now and opening day has to be considered written lightly in pencil.

The list below includes 173 players, including 14 who are not currently active, and covers the first four major league cuts of the spring. Not listed on this roster is minor leaguer number 174, pitcher Marco Gonzales, who was sent down from big league camp Monday evening.

St. Louis Cardinals working minor league spring training rosters – 3/21/16

  Memphis Springfield Palm Beach Peoria 1 Peoria 2
P Aquino, Jayson Bray, Tyler Alcantara, Sandy Almonte, Max Arias, Estarlin
  Baker, Corey Brebbia, John Alexander, Kevin DeLaCruz, Steven Bowen, Brady
  Church, John Donofrio, Joe Beck, Landon Dobzanski, Bryan DeLorenzo, Jordan
  Hefner, Jeremy Flaherty, Jack Cross, Carson Farinaro, Steven Hicks, Jordan
  Heyer, Kurt Garcia, Silfredo Echemendia, P Gallardo, Steven Higgins, Blake
  Lee, Thomas Gomber, Austin Evans, Jacob Helsley, Ryan Medina, Yeison
  Mayers, Mike Heesch, Michael Fernandez, Junior Holt, Harley Oxnevad, Ian
  McGuire, Deck Herget, Kevin Gonzalez, Derian Leitao, Brennan Parra, Frederis
  Morales, Andrew Littrell, Corey Grana, Kyle Martinez, Dailyn Schelesener, Jacob
  Reed, Jimmy Lucas, Josh Harrison, Luke Oca, David Seijas, Alvaro
  Reyes, Alex McKnight, Blake Hawkins, Chandler Santos, Ramon Velazco, Gerwuins
  Reyes, Arturo Nielsen, Trey Kuebel, Sacha Tomchick, Greg  
  Shaban, Ronnie Pearce, Matt Lomascolo, Nick Wheatley, Bob  
  Sherriff, Ryan Perry, Chris McKinney, Ian Williams, Ronnie  
  Sulbaran, JC Poncedeleon, D Rodriguez, Jorge Woodford, Jake  
  Thomas, Chris Schumacher, C Wick, Rowan    
  Wright, Justin Stoppelman, Lee Wirsu, Josh    
  Wyatt, Heath Weaver, Luke      
C Bean, Steve Chinea, Chris Jenner, Jesse Drongesen, Riley Lopez, Joshua
  Cruz, Luis Godoy, Jose McCarvel, Ryan Garcia, Erik Ortega, Dennis
  Rosario, Alberto O'Keefe, Brian Rivera, Chris Rodriguez, Frankie Wilson, Irving
  Kelly, Carson       Zavala, Stephen
1B Jacobs, Chris De Leon, Alex Dennard, R.J. Newman, Hunter  
  Voit, Luke Grayson, Casey Garcia, Ronnierd Rodriguez, Elier  
  Rodriguez, Jon        
IF Anna, Dean Alvarez, Eliezer Cordoba, Allen Brodbeck, Andrew Becker, Dylan
  Caldwell, Bruce DeJong, Paul Gronsky, Jake Denton, Bryce Hawkins, Joey
  Diaz, Aledmys Diekroeger, Danny Reynolds, Mikey Lankford, Cole Martin, Danny
  Valera, Breyvic Mercado, Oscar Staton, Allen Rowland, Champ Martinez, Jose
  Williams, Matt Pina, Leobaldo Turgeon, Casey Tice, Dylan Swirchak, Josh
  Wisdom, Patrick Seferina, Darren      
    Sohn, Andrew      
OF Bader, Harrison Aikin, Craig Acevedo, Jhohan Bandes, Luis Asbury-Heath, D
  Martini, Nick Bryan, Vaughn Olivera, Orlando Bautista, Ricardo Ray, Anthony
  McElroy Jr., C.J. Drake, Blake Peoples-Walls, K Franco, Bladimil Rivera, Jonathan
  Radack, Collin Gibson, Derek Plummer, Nick Spitz, Thomas Talavera, Carlos
  Thompson, Nick Pritchard, Michael Sierra, Magneuris Torres, Carlos  
  Tilson, Charlie        
  Garcia, Anthony        

There are 10 other players who are in the rehab program – eight pitchers and two infielders.

Among them is Tyler Waldron, who like Silfredo Garcia, listed on the Springfield roster above, was initially included as a non-roster invitee to MLB camp. However, physical problems surfaced upon their reporting and the two were assigned to minor league camp instead.

P Anderson, Will
  Frey, Nick
  Perez, Juan
  Rowland, Robby
  Then, Jery
  Ward, Davis
  Waldron, Tyler
IF Herrera, Juan
  Katz, Mason

Four other Latin American prospects – two pitchers and two infielders – are away from camp, participating in their respective countries’ World Baseball Classic qualifiers.

Though Alex Mejia was born and raised in California and attended college at the University Arizona, he is representing Mexico in the qualifier. His father was an All-American shortstop at Pepperdine.

Other participants include pitchers Dewin Perez and Jonathan Escudero and The Cardinal Nation's number nine prospect for 2016, shortstop Edmundo Sosa.

P Perez, Dewin Colombia
  Escudero, Jonathan Colombia
IF Mejia, Alex Mexico
  Sosa, Edmundo Panama

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