Cards Scouting Head Flores: In His Own Words

St. Louis Cardinals executives Randy Flores and Mike Girsch talk scouting, drafting, analytics and much more in their annual Winter Warm-Up presentation.

Fortunately even with the weather cancellation of Saturday’s St. Louis Cardinals Winter Warm-Up activities, the Sunday and Monday sessions were held as planned. One of the Sunday breakouts was a tag-team effort with the team’s second-year Director of Amateur Scouting, Randy Flores and Assistant General Manager Mike Girsch.

One year ago, all eyes were on Flores as the Cardinals held three early picks in the 2016 draft. Thanks in part to a top-top talent falling to the 19th pick in shortstop Delvin Perez, early returns on the draft were positive. Another move discussed by Flores was the redeployment of the money saved by first-rounder Dylan Carlson to land Vanderbilt left-hander John Kilichowski in the 11th round.

Girsch has been with the Cardinals since 2006 and in his current role since 2011 and has his hands in many of the team’s operations as the top lieutenant GM John Mozeliak.

One area in which Girsch has a long-standing competency is advanced statistics, so given that and his tenure in the organization, it is a natural teaming for the two to appear together. Despite the merging of “scouts” and “stats” into on decision-making process, plenty of questions remain in the minds of fans.

After introductions, the two opened up the floor for questions. Note the session took over an hour, covering a wide variety of topics. I divided it into three sessions of slightly more than 20 minutes each to make them more consumable. I apologize in advance that the speakers did not often repeat the questions asked from the floor. If you have any questions, please pose them in the Winter Warm-Up thread at The Cardinal Nation's members-only message board.

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