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How St. Louis Cardinals minor leaguers are organized by team midway through 2017 spring training camp.

How St. Louis Cardinals minor leaguers are organized by team midway through 2017 spring training camp.

After the full complement of St. Louis Cardinals minor leaguers reported to spring training camp two weeks ago, they joined the 30 STEP Camp players already on site. Since then, at least 23 players have been sent down from big-league camp, with more on the way. These plus 20 other recent changes were outlined in Tuesday’s article, “Revisiting the Cardinals’ Minor League Camp Roster”.

Players have been organized into working groups represented by the names “Memphis, Springfield, Palm Beach and Peoria” for external games. Sometimes, the Peoria players are split into two separate squads.

However, it should be understood up front that these are working rosters, constantly in flux, and are shared for your interest only. Not only are there chain reactions of movement when players are sent down from major league camp, but players are readily shifted across rosters as daily needs occur.

The entire purpose of spring training is to enable the competition for full-season roster spots. Anything between now and opening day has to be considered written lightly in pencil. In fact, as these rosters are several days old, they are out-of-date already.

Also do not assume full-time position shifts when catchers like Chris Chinea and Ryan McCarvel are listed as first basemen.


St. Louis Cardinals working minor league spring training rosters – 3/18/17

  Memphis Springfield Palm Beach Peoria
P Alcantara Anderson Almonte Alvarez
  Bard Beck Arias Castano
  Brebbia Bray Bowen Casadiilla
  Echemendia De La Cruz Carter Changarotty
  Ellis Evans Castano Ciavarella
  Flaherty Fernandez DeLorenzo Cross
  Gomber Gallen Dobzanski Gonzalez, N
  Gonzales Gonzalez, D Farinaro Gordon
  Hawkins Heesch Frey MaVorhis
  Herget Helsley Harrison Medina
  Heyer Hicks Oxnevad Mulford
  Hudson Jones Parra Oca
  Lee Kilichowski Perez, Dew O'Reilly
  McKnight Leitao Perez, J Oviedo
  Nielsen Martinez, D Siomkin Rowland, C
  Pearce McKinney Tewes Salazar
  Poncedeleon Morales Thomson Schlesener
  Reed Perry Tomchick Sexton
  Rowland Schumacher Trayner Shew
  Schlereth Ward Vance Seijas
  Shaban Wheatley Williams Then
  Walter Woodford   Tilley
C Cruz  Bean Garcia, E Soto
  Godoy Jenner Lopez Rodriguez, J
  Knizner O'Keefe Ortega Wilson, I
  Martinez, Je Rivera Zavala  
1B Chinea McCarvel Trosclair Lancaster
  Grayson Dennard Newman Bandes
  Voit Rodriguez, E   Rodriguez, C
IF Wilson, J Hawkins, J Davis, M Young
  Sohn Seferina Martin Gonzalez, Y
  Staton Diekroeger Figuera Perez, Del
  Caldwell  Brodbeck Balbuena Flores
  Katz Alvarez Davis, JR Whelan
  Mejia Dykstra Tice Lopes
  Pina Edman   Murders
  Thon Herrera    
  Turgeon Sosa    
OF Spitz Carlson Talavera Garcia, V
  Sierra Arozarena Ray Sanchez
  Lankford Plummer Asbury-Heath Rosendo
  Bryan  Aikin Billings Machado
  Drake  Denton Fennell Bautista
  Martini Jackson Franco Fiedler
    Mercado Rivera Robbins
    Wilson, A   Ynfante
  Memphis Springfield Palm Beach Peoria


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