Walton's Wanderings - Sunday

Regular column with Cardinals news snippets.

Broeg honored

The P-D ran an excellent story highlighting one of the greatest names in St. Louis sports, Bob Broeg. Though the 86-year-old has been battling health problems, he is said to be bouncing back. Broeg certainly has all our best wishes and support! link

La Russa smiles

TLR appeared on Fox' The Best Damn Sports Show Period Friday night and actually grinned when introduced. It looked pretty unusual. La Russa was asked by host Tom Arnold if he ever SAW McGwire using steroids. Of course, the answer was "no". TLR was not asked if he ever suspected it. La Russa did say that if players admitted steroid use and apologized, they should still be allowed in the Hall of Fame. TLR acknowledged that he suspected Canseco and a couple of other A's players and confronted Canseco in the early ‘90's. Canseco is expected to be on the BDSSP show Tuesday. Entire video clip in lower left column under "Video" here. link

Miklasz wants Mac to fire back

...but it ain't gonna' happen... link

Bonds' former lover says he knew

Who better than Geraldo to unmask more sordid tales of ballplayers' personal lives? Bonds allegedly told his former lover all about his fears related to his steroid use. link

Other Chi-town paper rips Cubbies

Yep, Sun-Times' Jay Mariotti is most entertaining as he rips the team owned by his paper's competitor. link

Luhnow role to expand

Jeff Luhnow will be taking over responsibility for amateur and international scouting, reports the P-D. A formal announcement is expected next week. Luhnow signaled his increasing responsibility beyond his original statistical analysis focus during an interview here last month. Assistant GM John Mozeliak, who previously included scouting director among his responsibilities, will now focus on professional scouting and assisting Jocketty with the major league club. link

Cards could leave KMOX

Hard to believe, but then again, maybe it's not that surprising. The team is looking at buying its own station to control its own rights and all the cash that comes with it to coincide with the new stadium. More in a P-D story here: link

Pujols' second heel treatment

Pujols underwent a second sound-wave procedure to alleviate pain in his left heel and was pronounced ready to go by team physician George Paletta. If Pujols has to again undergo the procedure during the season, he would only miss a game or two, reports the Post-Dispatch.

Morris back in June, not May

Matt Morris is now being slated to return to the rotation in June, though GM Walt Jocketty believes that is conservative. Previously, Morris' expected date was May. Jocketty would not commit as to whether Morris will pitch in relief prior to his return. Rick Ankiel stock rose as a result of this news. link

Listen to 1964 World Series Game Seven

MLB.com is offering this as a free sample of their new feature called "Baseball's Best". link

Canseco on 60 Minutes

6pm CT on Sunday night. Early excerpts here: link

Canseco attacks Clemens, Sosa, Bonds and others

Who is left? link

Recycled ex-Cards huddling in desert

The Arizona Diamondbacks signed pitcher Juan Acevedo (1998-99) to a minor league contract, with an invitation to spring training. Acevedo was out of the bigs last season and joins his ninth team since his first major league appearance back in 1995. He's the third former Redbird pitcher to join the D'Backs this month, following Donovan Osborne and Jose Jimenez.

McKay expects to be named

First base coach and former A's strength and conditioning coach Dave McKay weighs in on Jose Canseco, admitting that Canseco openly and repeatedly discussed his steroid use while they were together. link

Trucks to Jupiter

There's a photo op planned at Busch on Friday morning as the team's equipment heads to Florida in preparation for Spring Training.

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