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Springfield-St. Louis games televised locally

Topher Rowden passes along news that the two exhibition games between the new Double-A Springfield Cardinals and the big club will be televised locally on Saturday, April 2 and Sunday, April 3. One game will be on KY3, and the other on its sister station UPN 15.

FBI agent accuses MLB; names Mac, sort of

A Michigan-based agent of the FBI claims he first warned MLB officials of steroid use among players almost ten years ago, reports the New York Daily News. Jose Canseco was the only player specifically named in the story as a steroid user. The agent did say that Mark McGwire's name "came up", but he did not finger Mac as a user. MLB's security head denied that he had ever spoken with the agent, even though the agent highlighted numerous specific interactions. link

Bartman ball in cold, frosty Bud

In a further attempt to end the Bartman curse, Harry Caray's Chicago restaurant is going to soak the ball's remnants in Budweiser and put in it spaghetti sauce. (The ball was blown to bits in last year's unsuccessful stunt.) Why they chose Bud instead of Old Style is beyond me, but it is just one more reason the Curse will continue, whether it was caused by a goat, Bartman, a terrible manager or just a bad team. link

TSN's Rosenthal mugs Mac, hugs Bonds

In an editorial, The Sporting News' Ken Rosenthal questions McGwire's Hall of Fame credentials if he used steroids, while implicitly supporting Barry Bonds either way. The logic is that the latter was already a HOF-caliber player, while Mac was one-dimensional. I don't see how to slice the bologna that thinly, nor do I agree with Rosenthal's apparent double standard. Read for yourself. link

MLB and Tickets.com together

Sounds cozy, doesn't it? That is what is happening as MLB Advanced Media has put together $125 million to buy the ticketing giant. The only thing positive I can say is that I guess it's better than spending the money to contract the Minnesota Twins. Seriously, these are the same guys putting the squeeze on the fantasy baseball industry by attempting to charge for the use of baseball statistics. Whatever is next likely means higher prices for the fan. link

La Russa (ever so gently) roasted

At a charity benefit for his Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) last weekend in California. link

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