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No Cards Spring Training webcasts

An announcement by the Milwaukee Brewers highlights their first-ever offering of spring training radio broadcasts over the web. Their press release trumpets the fact that they are one of four teams offering game webcasts this spring. The others are the Phillies, A's and Blue Jays. Unfortunately, not only are the Cardinals apparently not participating, they are not playing any of these four teams this spring, either. (The A's and Brewers both train in Arizona.)

This is a step backward from 2004, when KMOX' broadcasts from Florida were available. XM Satellite Radio will be providing spring broadcasts, but their schedule has not yet been published. It looks like the direction is being set. Stay tuned.

For those not yet familiar with XM, look here: link

Brewers' press release: link

Jarvis close to deal

35-year-old right-handed reliever Kevin Jarvis is reportedly close to signing with the Cardinals. Why? is the operative question. He has a career winning percentage and ERA poorer than such past luminaries as Pedro Borbon, Jr. and Estaban Yan. Worse, Jarvis was with three organizations last season, spending much of the year in Triple-A for the Rockies and Pirates, where he was 2-9 in 17 starts. Why?

ESPNs Olney ages JimEd by six years

Guess ESPN must have laid off all their fact checkers. Buster Olney is clueless as to Jim Edmonds' age in his National League preview. link

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