Happy 83rd Birthday, Birds on the Bat!

More than fashion, the birds on the bat identify the St. Louis Cardinals.

Happy 83rd birthday ... you two red birds on a bat - and you're still sitting there after all these 83 years!

At Sportsman's Park, the Cardinals wear their new uniforms (two red birds on a bat with the words "Cardinals" across the front) for the first time in an exhibition contest with the Browns. The Browns Urban Shocker tops Willie Sherdel, 3–2, the same result as their matchup a week ago.

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Except for that brief period of extraordinarily ill-advised and unpopular deletion, the two red birds on the bat have been the iconic figures of St. Louis Cardinal baseball through all of your championship years. If I'm not mistaken, the people who suspended the birds were the same guys who years later masterminded the removal of classic Coca-Cola.

Gotta hand it to you, Cardinal Nation. - You guys understand that keeping tradition alive is more important than changing the club logo every three years for the sake of selling new team facsimile jerseys.

Keep it up! - Just take it easy on my power-challenged Astros. In spite of the split in Houston, I don't like the looks of our offense without the bats of Kent and Beltran. If Willie Taveras can be a good contact hitting, OBP guy, and Garner moves him to the lead off hole, he will make up for the loss of Beltran in center on defense. - Everything is all "iffy" with 160 games to go, so, I'll hold off til June and see how things look then.

Only one thing is certain here: The name "Jim Edmonds" is becoming one of those unspeakable thoughts in Houston. That guy is the biggest "Astros Killer" of all time - and I give myself full voting authority in this area as one who has seen every Colt .45's/Astros season ever played. - Most of us here feel that Edmonds' play on Ausmus' liner in the gap was the real difference maker in Game 7 of the 2004 NLCS. - No rocket science required on that one.

I'll close here with an Astros/Cardinals trivia fact for you. Just write it off as a "Two Red Birds on a Bat" birthday present. In Houston's first MLB game of all time (played at Colt Stadium in Houston on April 10, 1962 against the Chicago Cubs), the first pitch of the game involved two future Cardinals, even though one was far better known as such. - Bobby Shantz threw that first pitch for Houston to Cubs leadoff man Lou Brock. - Incidentally, the Colt .45's bombed the Cubs in that original opener, 11-2. Shantz got the win and Roman Mejias belted two home runs for Houston.

Note: Bill McCurdy is an Astros fan, a friend of the Cardinal Nation and a history buff who serves as the Executive Director of the Texas Baseball Hall of Fame. McCurdy was instrumental in our 2004 search for the oldest living Cardinal and oldest living former MLB player, 100-year-old Ray "Lee" Cunningham.

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