Zen and the Fine Art of Color Commentary

You know, I used to think I didn't like Chip Caray because he was announcing the Cubs, but the one thing that the Braves series is making painfully clear is that I don't like Chip because he is annoying. And then there's Don Sutton. I'm not exactly sure what it is about him, but he's the only person I've ever heard that makes me long for the insight of Hungo. Don Sutton quote of the day:

"How many times does this happen: a pitcher pitches to the presence of that person and to not what he is doing or his physical state at the moment…"

I don't even know what that means. I don't even know what it's supposed to mean. Why is that television color commentary seems indelibly marked with meandering mediocrity. It's the Muzak of insight—like actual commentary, but not really. Or maybe it's just really deep—kind of like contemplating the sound of one hand clapping. Perhaps I'm not in tune with my Chi enough when Sutton or Hungo or any number of the others talk

I'm sure many folks have many comments about the 7th inning debacle. Between the amazing disappearing strike zone, occasional blind spots and even Caray and Sutton conceding that home plate umpire Dale Scott had lost all rhyme and reason to his calls, I suddenly remembered "The Naked Gun". Remember when Leslie Nielsen was umping the Angels game? Remember how more outrageous his calls became when he realized that the crowd was happier with some calls than others? It seemed a lot funnier then.

When all the dust has settled I'm sure Tony LaRussa and Pujols might be sitting (depending on what his mystery "gesture" was…) for a few games. It always struck me as strange that for standing up for their players or themselves players can get suspended but for blowing a game, being wrong or incompetent umpires seem to have immunity. I'm sympathetic to umpires (really) and the job they do with little or no credit, but still it's irritating to see a game where the umps decide the outcome and not the players in the field.

On the bright side Matt Morris is looking better that I remember in a long time. Not only is he consistent, but unlike last season when he struggled he seems to be playing to his strengths. Last season Morris seemed to be torn between the power pitcher of his earlier career and more control kind of pitcher and so far it looks like he's figured out what he can and can't do. And I just want to say that the new guys in the bullpen are looking great. I was nervous to have so many guys called up in such a small amount of time but Cali and Journell have answered the call.

The season is still young but it's already looking like a team that's as robust and deep as it was last year. Game on.

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