Gagliano's Monday Farm Report 3-1

(AAA) Memphis - pulled one out 3-2, after being down 2-0 in the 8th. Wainwright was very solid again, 7.1 ip, 5 h, 2 r, 2 bb, 5 k. White and Thompson finished it with 1.2 ip, 1 h, 0 r, 0 b, 1 k, though White allowed a runner score. Gonzalez was 2 of 5. Big pinch hit 2B by Hart to get the 8th going. Memphis drew 4 walks in the 9th to win it. I heard on the radio that Nerio Rodriguez was brought off the DL. So....Reyes, Wainwright, Gissell, Rodriguez, and Sedlacek for the rotation.

(AA) Springfield - won 2-1 in 10 on a walkoff HR by Gorecki, who entered the game in the 9th on a defensive switch. Gorecki had been 1 of 34. His parents flew in to visit, and after watching BP, his father, per his mother, reported "He's got it! He's got it!" [Info from the Springfield News-Leader.] Hopefully he does. Pals came up with a big game, 8 ip, 5 h, 1 r, 0 bb, 7 k. And Kinney finished it well, 2 ip, 2 h, 0 r, 0 bb, 2 k. As others have noted, Kinney is off to one heckuva start, 15 ip, 11 h, 2 r, 1 er, 2 bb, 12 k, 0.60 ERA. Remember that he was very solid in 2003 before struggling last year through injury. Hopefully he's back. If so, I could see him being in Memphis before too terribly long. And the road from AA to MLB is sometimes a short one, as we've seen with Cali.

(High A) Palm Beach - won 8-4. Lambert continued his good start, 7 ip, 5 h, 2 r, 1 er, 2 bb, 5 k. Haerther was 2 of 4 with a 2B, 3B, HBP. Monegan and Evans were 2 of 5. Haerther is now at .400 OBP (good for a tie for 17th in the league), a .674 SLG (2nd), and 1.074 OPS (2nd).

(A) Quad Cities - lost 6-4. Parisi went 5.1 ip, 7 h, 5 r, 4 bb, 5 k. Three of the runs scored in the 6th. Shepherd and Hoffpauir were both 3 of 5. I noticed that Shepherd played 3B. Not sure if he's been doing that regularly.

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