Gagliano's Thursday Farm Report


Memphis lost 10-2. Nerio Rodriguez didn't have an auspicious return, going 4.2 ip, 6 h, 8 r, 1 bb, 4 k. Schumaker was 3 of 5 and Cresse 2 of 3, but coop (aka fifties) reports that Cresse looked like him might be hurt. Ack. Despite the PD reporting that Haynes was dealt because the OF of Schumaker, Gonzales, Gall was set, it was Zoccolillo, not Gall, in there last night.

Springfield won 5-4. Cook had a strong outing. He was perfect through the end of five innings. He ended at 7 ip, 4 h, 4 r, 1 er, 0 bb, 7 k. Doyne and Kinney stayed strong in the pen, 2 ip, 3 h, 0 r, 0 bb, 3 k. Cancel was 2 of 3, Minges and Hanson 2 of 4. Continuing the Gorecki watch, given that his parents have left town, he was 0 for 2, but drew 2 BB. What can someone tell me about Cancel? With catcher injuries, I'm wondering if he stands to be promoted to AAA backup.

Palm Beach was suspended because of rain.

Quad Cities, playing a weekday morning game (gad...who attends these things?), made 6 errors leading to 4 unearned runs in a 9-4 loss. Scherer went 4 ip, 5 h, 6 r, 4 er, 3 bb, 3 k. The most hopeful sign of the day was that Yarbrough was 3 of 4. Mather was 2 of 4, Shepherd 2 of 5.

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