Gagliano's Wednesday Farm Report 1-1

An abbreviated schedule as both Palm Beach and Quad Cities had the day off.

Memphis lost 5-4. Gissell went 6 ip, 6 h, 5 r, 1 er, 3 bb, 5 k. Rust and White held the fort, 3 ip, 1 h, 0 r, 0 bb, 2 k. Schumaker was 4 of 5, Gonzalez 3 of 5, Seabol 2 of 4, BB, with a 17 game hitting streak. In the 9th, Seabol got a one out double with two on. Luna scored. Gonzalez beat the throw, but his slide came up short of the plate and he was tagged out. Sigh. Luna is now 2 of 18. Will Seabol get the call up? I hope so. If ever he's going to get a chance, this would seem to be the time. In the catcher saga, Ansman retired (thanks, Coop). Moylan has been promoted to AAA. Coop has a long game report for this one. And Nelson made the BA hot list as an honorable mention. That's it for Cards. Still no Reyes. Weird. What did this guy do to them. Heck, he's even friends with a Cubbie! I'm happy to report that there were only two Cubs on the list.

Springfield won 9-6 in 12. Alvarez went 6 ip, 6 h, 4 r, 1 bb, 2 k. Doyne, Nussbeck, and Rawson did bangup work in their time, 5.1 ip, 4 h, 0 r, 1 bb, 3 k, but Kinney suffered a blown save in the 9th, giving up a walk and HR. Minges was 3 of 6, Boyd 2 of 6. Motte was promoted from Palm Beach. I don't know who will be backing up Pagnozzi there. Ewt was at this game and will have a report, including a conversation with Kinney. And ewt, if you're reading this, I'd love to hear any impressions of Hanson. Thanks!

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